Sex, Drugs And Shiny Toy Guns

author: iamalexbirkett date: 11/27/2012 category: artists' discussions

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Sex, Drugs And Shiny Toy Guns
"I have never had a sip of alcohol in my entire life," Carah Faye proclaims. Nick and Artie got down and dirty in a recent interview with the newly reformed Shiny Toy Guns, and of course, the conversation flipped quickly to the ever interesting Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll. After going over the specifics of their tour life and the stresses that they face in light of it, Shiny Toy Guns receive some stoic stress relief advice from the ever pensive Nick and Artie. Justifying the tour stresses, Faye explained that it all comes down to the fact that they "want it". Speaking ambitiously and looking strikingly passionate, Faye gave the notion that this interview would continue down the path of zen and relationship maintenance tactics. Nope. Artie, not missing a beat, came back with the line "I thought I wanted it to, but then I wanted heroin." The conversation then moved toward hook-ups and inter-band relationships. It really wasn't as awkward as it should have been; Jeremy and Carah handled it very well, as they did with the drug talk. It was impressive. When asked whether the guys were all over her, Faye denied it, then Nick profoundly proclaimed, "you don't poop where you eat." Throughout the interview, Carah remained good humored as always, smiling and laughing through the abrasive jokes of Nick and Artie, despite being a proud, self-proclaimed "straight edge" girl. The dirty wit of Nick and Artie didn't clash with the seriousness of Shiny Toy Guns as much as it brought an interesting conversation out of both sides that otherwise wouldn't have been seen. See the interview below:
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