The True Big 4

author: IronDeathKiss date: 02/01/2012 category: artists' discussions

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My love for Thrash metal stemmed from a love for Metallica...but then I discovered Megadeth, and Slayer and so on and so forth. Long story short, Metallica doesn't sit well with me now. They're greedy, superficial, pompous jerks (Not to say Dave Mustaine can't be a jerk...but alas). Lets just say for the sake of this article that Metallica was booted from the Big 4. Who would be the fourth horsemen? There are countless good thrash bands, but the top contenders in my eyes are these four choices. 1. Testament - Chuck Billy and the boys have been truckin' ever since the 80's and have had moderate mainstream along with a HUGE following. 2. OverKill - an good band with a lot of heavy and fast riffs 3. Exodus - a band that has always been lurking close behind the rest of the Big 4 and finally 4. Death Angel- by far a VERY underrated band. But for me...this is what it boils down too. Death Angel is still touring and still releasing stuff, but sadly, Nobody knows who they are. Overkill is in a similiar boat, there albums have more acclaim but still a darkhorse. Exodus for me sounds terrible now. They're early stuff was good but now they just kinda lost they're magic. So the winner is? far. Testament hasn't put out a bad album since their inception (even Souls of Black). With songs like First Strike is Deadly, Disciples of the Watch , Practice What You Preach and other countless tracks form over the years, Testament is best suited for this spot. But the man question is...what does everyone else have to say? Do you agree with me and say Testament? Do you represent the darkhorse and go with Death Angel? Do you go for OverKill? Are you offended by my early statement and still think Exodus is a great band? Or Do you have your own choice? There are many other great Thrash bands out there. From Annhilator to Iced Earth, make your pick. Let the voices of Thrash be heard
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