Private Shows: How Much Does It Cost to Book Your Favorite Band

author: jomatami date: 08/22/2014 category: features

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Private Shows: How Much Does It Cost to Book Your Favorite Band
Here's a wild idea - instead of just carrying a stereo to your backyard, how about you book an actual rockstar for your upcoming backyard BBQ birthday party?

It'll cost ya quite a penny, but c'mon, you could have Josh Homme calling one of your friends a "chickensh-t f--king f-ggot" in your own backyard! He might even threaten to buttf--k him in front of everyone! Now wouldn't that be something.

Anyhow, we'll just go ahead to the juicy bit and list the prices below. Won't be doing much chit-chat, after all this one's all about the prices. Thanks to NME for the info, now on to the list!

Arcade Fire - $1.3 million

We're not sure if bobbleheads are included, but Win Butler and co. would require you to cough up quite a hefty sum.

Mick Jagger - $1 million

It's Jagger, so any price is the right price. And for the record, the Stones get about $1.5 million per gig as a band.

Muse - $1 million

They recently turned 20, so wouldn't it be something having these guys for a private 20th birthday show?

The Black Keys - $975,000

It might be a tad less than Arcade Fire, but remember, these guys are a two-piece band.

Green Day - $730,000

If you're looking to punk things up, why not hire Green Day. There's the matter of $730,000 advance though...

Blink-182 - $660,000

Would've been cool if their requested figure included a number 182, but it is what it is.

Imagine Dragons - $660,000

Well they are the latest sensation, so a tad steep price is clearly in order.

Coldplay - $480,000

Seeing how much some of his fellow musicians charge, having Chris Martin and co. turn out as a bargain.

The Raconteurs - $480,000

Yes, Jack White is included in the half-a-million package.

Kings of Leon - $415,000

"I got no money but I want you so," goes their song...

Bruce Willis Blues Band - $290,000

Yes! Forget Grohl, screw Homme, Mr "Yippee-ki-yay, motherf--ker" is in the house!

Limp Bizkit - $290,000

Now who the hell would want that, amirite?!

Queens of the Stone Age - $290,000

This one was pretty much covered in the intro.

Dave Grohl - $240,000

Now we're talking! You could actually have Dave Grohl rocking your backyard (Foos not included), you'll just have to not eat or buy anything for about five, six, seven, maybe 10 years, kinda depends on your salary.

Ozzy Osbourne - $190,000

You might want to set another $190,000 for house renovations after the party is done though.

Courtney Love - $25,000

Note: Penis-slamming rants might occur.

Serj Tankian - $17,000

Wake up!

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