UG Amplified. Issue 2

author: blue_strat date: 06/08/2011 category: features
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UG Amplified. Issue 2
UG Amplified is the community webzine of UG. It's written and produced entirely by users recruited from the forums, and can promote the extensive creative and intellectual talents of ordinary UGers. We have now released the second issue, with an improved design and more excellent material straight from the desks of our writers. Highlights of the new issue include six riveting short stories and six insightful reviews, as well as a collection of lessons, poems, advice, and our globally-minded cover articles. We aim to keep our fingers on the pulse of UG, so we now showcase an Unsigned Talent of the Month, and are already lining up new features to delve deeper into the goings-on of the forums to bring up the gold that lies within. Do you want to write for UG Amplified? If you have something to write about, sign up. If you have a vision for what the zine could look like, sign up. If you have a comic, artwork or story in your head, sign up. We are now beginning work on the third issue, to be released in July, and you could be part of it.
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