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author: JohnSeminario date: 04/18/2014 category: fiction

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Why Go
It's no secret that Eddie Vedder is a fan of the ukulele, so it wasn't that surprising when a new interview with Pearl Jam's lead singer had him saying he almost called it quits on the grunge act when the band's guitarist, Stone Gossard, labeled the uke as "a gay instrument."

"Him being a guitarist and all, I thought maybe he'd see the potential and beauty the ukulele had to offer. But when I went to talk to him about re-recording 'Ten' with new uke tracks on every song, he just kind of exploded on me."

Eddie Vedder most recently put out a solo album simply titled "Ukulele Songs." It's a calm, relaxing album made up entirely of original songs that the singer was said to have written during a particularly dark time in his life. Aside from the occasional guest vocalist or additional instrumentation, the album is made up almost entirely of Vedder and his ukulele, giving the album a nice simplistic feel. 

Gossard had this to say: "I think it's great that he found an outlet to help him express himself, but I really wish he wouldn't try to force it on the rest of the band; a band, mind you, that's done great up to this point without a ukulele track..."

Vedder finished up, "I don't know... Maybe I've become too much of an artist at this point. Maybe my 'rock and roll' days are behind me. I definitely see myself putting out a new ukulele album in the future - maybe even a concept album. I'm not so sure about Pearl Jam though. I guess we'll just have to wait and see."
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