7 Cover Songs You Never Knew Existed

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7 Cover Songs You Never Knew Existed
I happen to be a big fan of cover songs. If done properly, they can be just as good as the original, if not better. So, I have decided to list some of the more obscure cover versions I've heard. You might know the song, but the artists will surprise you.

Number 1: Metallica - "Hey Jude"

Yes, Metallica covered a Beatles song and it was real, unlike Justin Bieber's attempt at "Fade to Black."

Number 2: Buckethead - "Star Wars Theme"

This was only ever performed live and I have yet to find it on any CD, but I found it online and thought it deserved a place here.

Number 3: Devo - "R U Experienced"

This odd, interesting take on the title track from The Jimi Hendrix Experience's debut album was a highlight of Devo's post-"New Traditionalists" studio recordings.

Number 4: Orgy - "Blue Monday"

Yeah, I didn't believe it either, until I saw it.

Number 5: Nirvana - "Baba O'Riley"

Nirvana's live cover of arguably one of the most iconic songs in The Who's entire history features Dave Grohl on vocals, a rarity.

Number 6: Def Leppard - "Space Oddity"

Okay, I can understand why they would do a version of "Rebel Rebel," but this came as a complete surprise to me.

Number 7: Iron Maiden - "Communication Breakdown"

This song is available on a couple of Iron Maiden's hits CDs and, like many of the covers featured here was a live recording.
I hope everyone reading this was entertained. Read the second part of the article here.
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