Taking Guitar Lessons? Here's What Your Guitar Teacher Won't Tell You...

author: tomhess date: 06/04/2013 category: general music

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Taking Guitar Lessons? Here's What Your Guitar Teacher Won't Tell You...
Are you taking guitar lessons (or thinking about it)? Before you stick with a guitar teacher by investing tons of money and time into his lessons, there are seven things that you should become aware of first Here are the seven things that your guitar teacher won't tell you:

1. "The truth is, I was never trained in any way to effectively teach guitar."

It is true that many guitar teachers previously learned how to play guitar through lessons (or even by going to school to learn), however 99/100 guitar teachers have no actual training when it comes to "teaching" guitar. Most guitar teachers began teaching by using an improvisational, trial by error approach that they still use to this day. Fortunately for you, these people are not the same people who clean your teeth, fix your car or handle your bank account. It astounds me how so many guitar students never think to ask their teachers whether or not they received any kind of training for what they do. This point alone explains why so many students who take lessons from mediocre guitar teachers never become great guitarists.

2. "You probably won't become a great guitarist by working with me."

Even if your guitar teacher has a lot of students, chances are high that few (if any) of these students are great guitarists who can play at a high level. So, if you work with a guitar teacher who doesn't know how to teach his other students to play guitar at a high level, you simply can't expect to become a great guitarist yourself.

3. "I'm not very comfortable teaching advanced guitar concepts and am afraid you might get 'too good' for me to teach you."

There are few guitar teachers who can teach students beyond an intermediate level. In fact, many of them are afraid that you will get "too advanced" and stop taking lessons because they can no longer offer valuable insight. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of teachers purposely hold back their guitar students, thinking that this is the only way to stay in business.

4. "I can only teach you in private lessons, because I don't know how to teach any differently."

Contrary to what many teachers will tell you, learning guitar using a private one on one format is NOT the greatest system to learn with. The teachers who try to get you to believe this myth have no experience training A LOT of people to reach high levels of guitar playing. If they did, they would understand that you can get much better results by using a variety of other highly effective guitar learning formats.

5. "Everything you will learn in your lesson today was thought up within the few moments it took you to sit down and pull out your guitar."

The vast majority of guitar teachers have zero training on how to teach guitar. On top of that, many of them have not even planned out what they are going to teach you from lesson to lesson. When was the last time you took a guitar lesson and felt like your guitar teacher had already prepared a specific plan to help you reach your musical goals? Chances are, you have never felt this way.

6. "I'm going to teach you using a GENERALIZED guitar instruction approach because I don't really know how to help you reach your personal musical goals. This may or may not actually be helpful to you."

One of the most common ways that guitar teachers hide their lack of knowledge and experience is to use a generalized approach for everyone they teach. Almost every time I start training a guitar teacher, they ask me: "Tom, do you know any kind of methods I can use in my guitar teaching so I don't have to worry about what I should teach my students every week?" The truth is, with the exception of total "beginners," your guitar teacher MUST use a specific teaching strategy for each of his students (including you) in order to help them effectively improve and reach their goals.

7. "I can show you a bunch of isolated ideas on guitar, but I really have no clue how to help you become creative with them."

Guitar teachers who understand how to teach "creative application" are very rare. This is because the majority of them think that creativity cannot be taught. This means that your teacher will only show you how to play isolated ideas on guitar, but not how to actually use these ideas creatively in order to play music like your favorite guitarists. Fortunately, creativity CAN be taught! It's just that most guitar teachers have never taken the time to learn how to do it. Finally, let me give you three big reasons why you should listen to what I have to say: 1. I teach thousands of electric guitar lessons to guitar players around the world every year. 2. I have PROOF of helpng lots and lots of students to reach their musical goals (as you can see on this long list of my best guitar students). 3. I have created a specialized guitar teacher training program that has helped hundreds of guitar teachers become highly successful in their guitar teaching businesses. Now that you have learned what happens "behind the scenes" with (mediocre) guitar teachers, read this free guide to learn how to locate the best guitar teacher. About The Author: Tom Hess is a guitar teacher online, composer and a touring musician. He plays guitar in the epic metal band Rhapsody Of Fire. He teaches guitar players in his rock guitar lessons online. Go to tomhess.net to get more guitar playing resources, guitar playing eBooks, and to read more guitar playing articles.
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