The Naysayers Are Wrong. Part 1: Introduction

author: KevinGoetz date: 11/18/2011 category: general music

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Hello, Ultimate-Guitar readers, and welcome to my personal corner of the insanity that is the music industry! I'll be honest with you, right from the get-go: I have only a vague idea what I plan to accomplish with these articles. That said, I'm sure that once I actually get writing, I'll get somewhere concrete. I suppose the first thing to do would be to share my philosophy: Put simply, my philosophy regarding all things music-related is: The naysayers are wrong. If anyone in this day and age tells you that something is beyond your means, they are WRONG. Between the affordability of modern recording technology and the unparalleled wealth of resources available via the internet, there is NOTHING you can't do. Except, you know, that stuff you REALLY can't do, I'll bet flying is still pretty impossible, regardless of the internet and affordable recording technology. But the naysayers are still wrong! I'm going to assume worst-case scenario so as to make my tutorials accessible to even the least fortunate individuals. Well, I suppose it's not THE worst-case scenario. THE worst-case scenario is the one where you're part of a colony of deaf-mutes with no arms or legs, who live underground and have never heard the word "music." No, I'm assuming the second-worst-case, which is only a little better: I'm assuming you're a high school student. If you're NOT a high school student, well, congrats, you'll have a much easier time with all this. If you ARE part of that unfortunate demographic, though, don't worry about it. These articles are fun for all ages! I suppose I was right when I said I'd reach a concrete objective once I started writing: Achieving success in the music industry run by today's society is believed to be MUCH harder than it actually is. Yes, it's gonna be an amount of work that cannot be measured except with innumerable obscenities followed by the word "ton," but what people fail to realize is, said work is all in your hands. There is NOTHING beyond your own work ethic that can hold you back. Long gone are the days of needing professional studios in order to produce your album. Long dead are the days of promotion being impossible without a label. Long passed are the days of being at the mercy of fate to assemble a worthy group of bandmates, just to have all the requisite instruments for your musical ideas. And long buried are the days when it took years of music lessons just to reach a worthy level. Everything you need is within your means, RIGHT NOW. I know for a fact that you can do it, because I myself did. It took years of scouring the internet; countless nights of obsessive work; depressive battles with the fear that everyone who said I couldn't was right. But it will only take YOU as long as you must in order to read my articles, because I will share EVERYTHING that I've learned, freely given to dispel the stigma surrounding today's music industry. And that, Ultimate-Guitar readers, is my message to you. Keep reading, keep checking back, and by the end, you'll see why the naysayers are wrong.
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