Why You Should NOT Go to Music School

author: KevinGoetz date: 12/26/2013 category: general music

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Why You Should NOT Go to Music School
Going to college for music seems to be a fairly common goal. In our culture, many of us are taught practically from birth that college is an essential step in our lives. Some equate a college degree to some mystical key, the only thing that can unlock the door to well-paying jobs. It makes sense for many of us, therefore, that if we accept college as essential, we would also like to attend in a field in which we already possess knowledge and skill. So, many musicians turn their sights toward places like Musician's Institute, Full Sail, or Berklee. I believe that this is a waste of time and a substantial amount of money. In the following video, I'll discuss several arguments for that viewpoint, including the idea that a "music degree" is actually something of a misnomer, as music is by nature incompatible with the entire paradigm constructed around college degrees.
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