Artcore: Unique Approach

author: Reaper_Of_Souls date: 08/30/2004 category: genres' battles

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It started, I imagine, quite innocently. Someone was probably simply trying to define the genre-defying Muse, and made up a name. Thus the concept of Artcore was born. This term has, surprisingly, caught on among Muse fans who now often refer to the band as being Artcore. This approach is somewhat unique. Instead of grouping several similar bands together and then assigning them to a genre, they've simply created one for a single band that does, admittedly, not fit comfortably into any other category. Now the name, as one might imagine, is likely derived from Matt Bellamy's heavy classical influence. He does, after all, have extensive classical piano training. The effect of this is obvious on songs such as Sunburn, New Born, Butterflies And Hurricanes, Blackout and Apocalypse Please, with Butterflies And Hurricanes even incorporating a mesmerising piano solo midway through. The grand piano is not the only classical instrument extensively used in Muse's music. Orchestral sounds are often audible, with a full orchestra having been recruited for Butterflies And Hurricanes. The question is, of course, will this genre really become anything more than an in-house reference to Muse? That depends, I suppose, on how influential Muse will be on others. Will their success hail the arrival of other bands incorporating classical music to such a large degree? Perhaps we can already try and fit bands such as Coldplay into the same category. They too on occasion use classical instruments in their music. The problem with this however, lies with Muse's unique nature. Although they both do use classical instruments on occasion, Muse harshly contrasts this gentle approach with a hard rock side. Butterflies And Hurricanes, for example, seems the exact opposite of a rocker such as Stockholm Syndrome. Even within some songs this contrast is visible. New Born starts off with a haunting piano intro and then gently plunges into a heavily distorted guitar riff. So, at the end of the day, will Artcore ever be recognised as a genre? Well, it's futile to try and predict the answer. Most people will definitely refute this possibility. Others will, understandably, loudly protest the idea of yet another genre. But perhaps we should remember that even Rock itself was, in its infancy, considered to be a passing fad, unworthy of being awarded status as genre
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