Let's All Stand As One

author: numetaldude date: 05/27/2004 category: genres' battles

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Okay, so here I am again caught in an Ultimate Guitar thread arguing with some metal head. I say Nu Metal's the best thing that hits the world while metal. He, on the other hand, insists that nu metal wouldn't be around if not for the pioneers. I was getting really pissed so I took some time off the computer. That's when it hit me. I realized how pointless the whole argument was. Metal is metal, nu metal (despite its name) is a totally different thing. Why can't we just appreciate both without having to compare? Here's my story. I used to be really into rap. My tape collection consisted of 2Pac, The Benjamins, Jay-Z, etc. Then I started to get into alternative and punk. As a matter of fact, I first grabbed a guitar just so I could learn to play "Time Of Your Life" by Green Day. Some time later, I bought a Nevermind tape, and so started my Nirvana era. About a year later, I saw the "Sweet Child O Mine" video by Guns N Roses, and I thought, "Damn, that's one sweet solo!" and so I started getting into classic rock and metal. I loved Metallica, I loved The Eagles, I loved The Scorpions, and I loved practically every band that could shred and tear up a guitar's fretboard. That was also about the time I became a fan of Clapton, Satriani, and Hendrix. Then I started college. My friends were heavily into Korn. Back then, I didn't understand. The only Korn video I ever saw was "Here To Stay", and I thought it was pretty cool, but it never really wowed me. And yes, I used to believe that Korn was nothing compared to Metallica or any other band from the 80's, which to me was the golden age of music. However, my outlook did a 180 once I got hold of a copy of Korn's "Who Then Now" video. As soon as I heard the crunching opening riff of "Blind", I knew this was the kind of rock I was meant to play. And for almost a year, I was the most closed-minded freak in the world. If it wasn't nu metal, it was crap (thus the username). That was my philosophy. I despised punk, totally hated alternative, and forgot all about grunge and classic rock. Recently, it all just dawned on me like a beam of light breaking through the rainclouds (sorry for being overdramatic here). If I could only use every genre of music I've ever loved, I could be more creative as a songwriter and as a guitarist. I could be the one who revolutionized rock music once more. Music is music, no matter what. And in my opinion, no genre is better than the others. It all comes down to the musical tastes of the listener. If we could only be more tolerant about what we listen to and less concerned about genre, music would definitely be at a golden age once again. If we would only build bridges instead of walls. This is a salute to every band out there who seek to create hybrids instead of stereotypes, who aim to transcend genres instead of conform!
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