New-School Glam Metal - Part 1

author: N3WW4V3N1NJ4 date: 07/22/2014 category: genres' battles

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New-School Glam Metal - Part 1
Glam metal has been making quite a comeback since the dawn of the new millennium.

Here are some of the best bands to hit the scene.

Reckless Love

These guys sound like the hybrid of Van Halen and Poison. Their music has a great fun-time feel to it and one listen to a single song of theirs will make you feel like you finally succeeded in building that time machine. Here's my fave, "Born to Rock."


Now for something with a very strong Def Leppard vibe to it, New York's local hairbangers go by the name of Wildstreet and they, somehow have managed to make a self-produced album that sounds as if it had Mutt Lange in charge. Here's my fave, "Soldier of Love."

Bang Camaro

If you've ever played "Rock Band," then you probably know this band already and sad to say, they are currently on hiatus until, as far as I can tell, Hell freezes over... but, they are still a good retro-sounding band. Here's my fave, "Rock Rebellion."

Wig Wam

Norway's Wig Wam are a bit of an oddity. I mean, they come from the legendary land of the vikings, you'd think they would be a Power Metal band. They are total glam junkies. You know what, I can't pick one song, so check out the entire "Wig Wamania" album.

I'll do more of these later...
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