New-School Glam Metal - Part 2

author: N3WW4V3N1NJ4 date: 07/31/2014 category: genres' battles

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New-School Glam Metal - Part 2
There are a lot of good glam metal bands rocking the underground right now... so many in fact, that I have decided to continue writing this guide to the movement.

The Treatment

I am not sure everyone would classify The Treatment as glam metal, but after hearing a few of their songs on my local rock radio station, I thought they deserved a place on this list. Check out their debut album, "This Might Hurt," which features all the songs I heard.


Crashdiet started the glam metal revival in 2001, with their modern take on Crüe and GNR-style sleaze glam metal. Here's my fave track by them, "Generation Wild."


H.E.A.T are a more mellow glam metal band, think Night Ranger and you get the idea. Still I like power ballads, so, IMO, these guys are pretty good. Here's my fave track from them, "Keep on Dreaming."

Steel Panther

While their lyrics are offensive, these guys have definitely got the image and instrumentation of a top-notch glam metal act. Fittingly, they started as a Van Halen cover band. I'm doubtful any of their original songs could get past the censors, so here's "Don't Stop Believin'" (originally by Journey) covered by Steel Panther.

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