Punk Vs. Metal: Todays Longing Battle

author: Unregistered date: 03/11/2004 category: genres' battles

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As I was skimming through articles about why punk is better than metal or the other way around, I noticed some things. Most of the time people haven't listened to both sides of the story. Its mostly just arguments dragging on about who is more talented or who has more solos blah blah blah. So I've decided to write this article defending both sides.


First off the article I read recently stated punk bands had less talent because all they play is power chords or don't have any solos and are all about how there girlfriends dumped them. I hope to God that he was referring to pop-punk, because if he wasn't then he really hasn't listened to much punk. I admit a lot of punk is about girls or has many power chords played, but because of Blink 182, Simple Plan, GC, or NFG, punk has been stereotyped as whiney or numb minded. For one thing stay away from these bands in my opinion, to me they are garbage and are classified as mall punk, pop-punk, or chick punk. Check out bands that aren't as popular, Thrice have hardcore and metal influences, as well as punk. If you don't like mainstream punk then look for more indie or underground punk bands. But to defend one more genre of punk, I'm just going to say that some Emo is pretty good. Although it is becoming more and more of a trend and is being blown way out of proportion. All people can say about it is Emo is gay and only pussys that want to cry listen to it and that's the only reason they have! For some people it isn't their style of music which is fine but don't trash music that people like and love.


Metal isn't something that I'm into as much as punk, but I still like some of it. Metal is and always has been known for its speed, aggressive nature and insane solos. I love listening to metal when I'm in the mood for something more complex and I'm tired of hearing power chords. Metal is also a great genre to listen to when your pissed off or working out. Some people are just so narrow minded that they think metal is just screaming and its noise. These people have obviously never looked into metal more and tried to find something that would suite them more. I always hear I hate how metal heads dress all black and pretend they are devil worshipers etc, but look at some of the hardcore kids out there that are the same exact way. And news flash to punk kids, hardcore is a form of punk! One thing that annoys me the most is when people compare insert punk band here to Metallica or Zeppelin, or even Jimi Hendrix for that matter, punk will never compare. They started the rock movement for all of us. The only exception would be to mention the Sex Pistols or The Clash etc. These bands started punk and are equal to big bands of the 70's and 60's that started rock or metal. They didnt play more complex stuff alright, but they did something that was never done before and began a completly new genre.


There can't really be a comparison between the two, its really a matter of taste. To say that metal has more talent that punk is ridiculous unless you have heard every member of any major punk band to attempt to play Master Of Puppets in its entirety. It takes major talent to get up on stage, play an instrument/sing and do it well. Even if you are only playing power chords or screaming into the mic. And it is damn near tough to write a song with emotion that flows with the lyrics and has a meaning everyone can compare to. So please, respect all genres of music(except pop and rap), and if something doesn't entertain you stay away from it or look into it more. No one likes an asshole in forums stating some band rules over all metal/punk bands.
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