Rock: Who's To Blame For This Death Of A Genre

author: henboyrules date: 02/28/2012 category: genres' battles

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My frieds call me an old soul in a teenager's body. My iPod is filled with music that my parents remember being hits in the 70s and 80s. My selection of rock only includes a very select few newer bands. I find myself disgusted by the pop music that has been categorized as rock in todays world. The faces of rock used to be bands like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Aerosmith and great bands like them, now its represented by pop bands like Daughtry, Green Day and Foo Fighters. The true rock bands of today seem to be more and more obscure as time goes on. My question is this, who's to blame for this near extinction of talent. Who's to blame for the turn from riffs that excited us, egniting a fire in our hearts that made head banging nothing less than essential for life, to chord after chord after chord that makes true rock fans desire to go deaf before we experience the end of rock. Is it the artists? Are they putting money over music? Are they looking at riffs and thinking, "Riffs are a thing of the past, we can make more money just playing chords and it makes performances easier." Is it a lack of songwriting skills? Are they incapable of riff writing? If you look at Daughtry's first album, which is the only album of theirs i still own, There's a great song called "What I Want" that has an unbelievably amazing riff on it. But wait, that's Slash playing on that song. There's not really any other good riffs on the album, it's all a bunch of chords. This got me thinking, if the artists don't have any riffs on the album, this can mean 1 of 3 things. 1) They can't think of riffs, which means the songwriting of todays artists is inferior of that of the great artists of the past. 2) The band members wrote riffs, assumiong the songs aren't written for them, but didn't see money in those songs, so they decided to be greedy and release the songs drenched in chords. 3) They came up with riffs, but the executives at the record companies rejected songs with riffs because they didn't see money in those songs, which would make it greed on the executives side, and we should stop blaming artists. Now remember, Daughtry isn't the only offender of this should be crime. There's bands like Foo Fighters, Greenday, and so many more. There's another possibility for the blame though, the executives. The job of the executives of record companies is to make money, it's that simple. To release what will ring in the most cash for their pockets. SO the question here is are they rejecting great rock songs because they see them as a thing of the past? This is a big question, because in the past few years the record companies have take huge hits financially. The money rolling in has decreased significantly due to the rise of illegal music downloading. So could it be that the record companies are in favor of these songs because they see easy money? The last possibility is that it's popular media's fault. The last few decades have given rise to styles like rap and hip hop, which have taken the world by storm. The lack of musical talent has been accepted by a majority of people, which may have radio stations and television channels under the impression that musical talent doesn't matter to us anymore. That's tragic, and it kind of makes it our fault. We've decided to settle for this garbage instead of saying, "Hey! We want talent and excitement when we listen to music, not this pop trash!" So in a way, its the people who are to blame. This is a fact that is hard to accept, but unfortunately, I've come to the conclusion that we carry a large portion of the blame. The conclusion that we are largely to blame is important to realize, and then use it to help us as a people. It's a chance to let this nation, this community of true rock fanatics to stand together and fight against a laziness we've allowed for too long. Please know that I'm not only blaming us, because it is the fault of artists also, they allow this settling to take hold of them in thier craft. And it is also the record executives, because they make this trash mainstream by promoting it so heavily. I'm not saying that true rock is completely dead. There are bands like Alter Bridge and the Drills who still play true rock, but 2 bands is not nearly enough. This is a time for us to stop supporting these bands that don't understand rock to consume the genre, we need to promote small time bands so that rock will live on and conquer modern popular music like it did in the 70s and 80s. All I have is one question, WHO'S WITH ME!!!
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