The Battle Between Music Fans

author: WillBury date: 07/16/2004 category: genres' battles

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As human beings, we are obviously born with different opinions. I'm not sure how many individuals reading this can relate to this situation, but I'm certinly tired of being harassed simply because of the music I listen to. Lately, on UG, there's been an extreme controversey revolving around The Darkness. This article is not written in defense to The Darkness, or upon the controversy I've witnessed, but in immediate response to the typical hater. I respect the fact that everyone has a different opinion, and I will gladly listen to their opinion if it comes out in an educated manner. Example: "The Darkness f**king suck! I hate them! They are gay." This is a common reaction from a very ignorant and arrogant reader and I'm surprised their smart enough to read at all. There are a few things wrong with my example. For one, the user didn't give any valid reason why The Darkness suck. They didn't give any valid reason why they hate them. They also referred the band as homosexuals. Usually homophobics will use the word gay as stupid, which means their insecure about their sexuality and are in denile to the fact that they might be gay. But that's not the point. The point is, I encourage everyone who responds to music articles to use a little more courtesy rather then being a slob, because when you explode with amazingly dumb comments, your making your self look like a stupid ass. Tell us why you don't like the Darkness, tell us why they suck, give us reasons why we should listen to your opinion. If you can't think of anything more solid and backed up then "The Darkness f**king suck" your opinion doesn't matter. You don't matter, your musical tastes don't matter! All your doing is putting down the people with true musical passions. The open-minded and wise listeners of music. A discussion shouldn't turn to an argument or a debate, it should be a discussion, it should be in response to the article. Half the people who post replies just talk about the band. Not what the band is doing, just the band. Papa Roach is recording a new album, and everyone just scrolls down to the Comments text box and begin typing their hatred towards the band. They don't once post anything about the album, about anything mentioned in the article. I have a really good strategy worked out for all of you jerks. If you see a band name you don't like, don't click the link. You must be wasting you time if your reading articles about bands you don't like. For all of you who honestly do post true comments, keep it up, and I respect you. Never sink to the levels of the morons who are trying to show off on discussions. I know this article might be shit to a few of you, but hey, it's my first one and it was written in annoyance to our current "issues" here on UG. This was more of a rant. I hope you will take this article into deep consideration.
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