The Battle Of The Genres

author: sharkeyanti date: 04/19/2004 category: genres' battles

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Alright, alright, last time I wrote an article it was on soloing, and now I'm here to help settle the genre dispute that rages on at UG. 've noticed that UG-ers are generally split on Punk and Metal guitar playing here. And I've got a few things to say about it. 01. There is more than punk and metal. Plain and simple! I myself listen to classic rock, blues, funk, early punk, and a tad bit of metal. Many arguments between the Punk and Metal genres is that punk is nothing but power chords and metal has "awesome solos dude." Well, in other genres, people play other stuff, to say short and sweetly. 02. Realize that Punk and Metal are quite similar, rhythmically at least. Both types of music use power chords, a lot. Punk guitarists tend to downstroke their three power chords the whole song and play a "solo" for a good ten seconds. I myself dislike it strongly because of its repetiveness and overall being boring and not complex at all. Metal guitarists tend to tune down their guitar to Drop D or similar and play a real simple rhythm real hard. But they both play power chords repeatedly! Metallica does it, Good Charlotte does it, Sum 41, Slayer, Megadeth, Jet, [insert emo band here (haha)], etc. 03. Like it has been said a billion times before, different strokes for different folks. Playing Metal style with crazy solo would not work in punk, and vice versa, so complaining about Punk's lack of solos is really pointless. 04. Accept that there are other types of music. This statement is especially geared toward metalheads. All the comments i see from them are like "Punk f--king sucks! Hammet is god!" It kind of makes me sad that people don't want to accept that other people are allowed to lsiten to what they like, personally I think Good Charlotte has terrible lyrics, terrible guitar playing, and no soul, but I have friends who like the band, do I hate them? No. So plain and simple, let people like what they want to like. And since I'm ad-libbing this let's move onto another touchy topic, Power Chords. I myself think power chords are essenital to rock, to a point. Robert Johnson, king of the delta blues and the man we the creation of rock and blues to, played power chords. But he didn't repeatedly dowsntroke them, he mixed melody with rhythm and payed attention to detail. Today in music, I think it's fair to say that power chords are grossly overused, thus making the music sound pretty flat and dull, to me at least. I would love for popular music to bring good guitar-work back. I'm tired of the same power chord progression, or metal thrashing. In my opinion blues-rock is the pinnacle of music, wherein which most of our "guitar gods" have come from. Guys like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, George Harrison, David Gilmour.
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