The Misuse Of The Term Screamo

author: seancrazybass95 date: 10/19/2010 category: genres' battles

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I am here posting my first Ultimate Guitar article about my strong feeling towards thousands of genre's that have been labeled "screamo". The first thing to know is where this style of music came from, and why they are where they are. Many genre's today have been labeled "screamo" due to the fact that the singers scream, even though musically they are diverse from one another. Most people, to be honest, are not musicians and their impression of a band come from the singer, not the music. * Please note, all musicians out there, like myself, are not who I am referring to and it angers me, but I am stating the facts.* This type of extreme musical release came from hardcore punk. Hardcore punk was an underground movement in the 1980's that took all of the anger in society straight from punk and intensified it. The guitar was rough and distorted, the vocals were choppy and primitive, and few bands got record deals, but it didn't matter. They were expressing their true feelings through music, as others had done for decades. Some bands that made it big in this genre are "The Dead Kennedy's", "Black Flag", "Blast", "Crucifix", and others. * PLEASE NOTE, if I left out a hardcore band that you enjoy I apologize but this isn't the point of the article, so leave them in the comment boxes.* This genre influenced many other, alternative rock, heavy metal, thrash metal, and of course, fused into the genre's that we know today as the "core" genres. After the rise in hardcore punk, it sort of split into several different genre's but never really died. I will write a separate article on that later. Each of these genre's has a separate fan base and musical style. Metalcore, Deathcore, Mathcore, Art-core, Thrashcore, Grindcore, Nintendocore, Electrocore, and later Melodic Metalcore. All of these genre's employ screaming, and each is diverse. Metalcore originally was hardcore punk and thrash metal mixed together with breakdowns, and later added clear singing parts known as melodic metalcore. This has to be the biggest genre of the cores, and now has big names such as Killswitch Engaged, The Devil Wears Prada, August Burns Red, Bullet for my Valentine, Attack Attack!, and Bring Me the Horizon. Deathcore combined the low-tuned aspects of death metal bands like Cannibal Corpse, and fused them with metalcore breakdowns, creating a much heavier genre. Mathcore took metalcore, and sort of fused it with prog-rock, creating a synthesizer filled, multi-tempo genre known as Mathcore. The first band that I ever saw live was a mathcore band at Mayhem Festival known as Norma Jean. Thrashcore pretty much combined hardcore punk and thrash metal, two popular heavy genre's at the time. This genre I haven't heard about in a while and have never really listened to and haven't heard about in a while, leave me comments. Art-core I don't listen to, as far as I can tell, it's a fusion of avant-garde art rock, and hardcore punk. Grindcore is a hardcore punk/industrial fusion that is very political in lyrics. One notable band in this category is Napalm Death, a previous hardcore punk band, that recorded the shortest song of all time. "You Suffer". Nintendocore is short and simple, it's metalcore with 8-bit sounds and nintendo themed lyrics. Bands like Power Glove and I Shot the Duck Hunt Dog fit into this category. I always like to imagine that this is what AVGN listens to, but I know he's a rock/metal guy. Electrocore is metalcore with synthesizer and samples added in. A new band named Attack Attack! really brought the genre to the mainstream. As you can see, all of these are diverse in some ways, and I know that I left out a lot of minor genre's but I just wanted to focus on names that come up a lot, and I would be happy to hear your other genre's. Music is a form of expression, it's written and performed different ways depending on people's personalities. I listen to many other genre's than the cores, but this is one that gets overlooked a lot. Underneath the ignorant and biased mask of the screamo label lies a world of different music and many of these bands aren't restricted to one category. These bands are talented musicians who many times take their work seriously, so they shouldn't be labeled under one ignorant stamp, go explore the unknown worlds of music, and maybe you can find something that relates to you.
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