The Mix: The Lyrics, Music, And Genres

author: Partyboy2k05 date: 04/30/2004 category: genres' battles

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Have you ever heard that song that just has the right chemistry? The music is just the right tone, the lyrics spine tingling, and it all fits into the right art form. So what makes a great song work and does it fit the genre?

The Lyrics

Lyrics are about expressing emotion in music. If a person were just to read them, they'd get a sense of it, but to hear the person sing them that wrote them is different. That's why personally I don't like listening to people sing songs they didn't write because you'll never get the same feeling. Lyrics should have a point and shouldn't be mixed. We're the audience. We want to know what they mean when they say, "The sunshine shone, I'd never again know, what it'd feel like, To be alone." Above all it has to fit the music. Everything has a certain feel to it. Ex 1: Punk music. The main points of punk is usually political, anarchy, and being rebellious. It's about not caring about what people think. So if it's supposed to be a punk song or album, don't write about your gf breaking your heart on 8 of the 10 songs. Ex. 2: Blues. This is where you can write about getting your heart broken continually. Most likely you won't find them writing about gangta's and hoes. It just doesn't fit. Ex. 3: Rap. Usually about how hard life is or how high you can get, but either way, a rapper can write some of the best rhymes in the world, but they usually lack one thing. The music. I think it's cheap to rip off of another person's riff just because they can't come up with anything on their own. Sure they have some great songs, but that's their only downfall and unoriginality.

The Music

Music is the root of it all. It's the base of many lyrics and can be used to express what words can't convey. When I hear Bethtoven's 9th, I think, man, he's mad right now. A song can usually be figured out just by hearing it's first riff, with exceptions of course. Not leaving out drummers, bassist, keyboardist, or any other musician of course. A song doesn't have to be complex to get a point across, just have the feeling. A great example would be Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt" by Tool. It's stripped down and given a simple part. No impressive solo's or crunching riffs, just plain. But the simplicity made it so much more meaningful and to the heart. Add the vocals and it mixes perfectly. The vocals are itself a part of music. Many people can sing and sing well, but some people make the song all the more awesome. The vocals express the pain, joy, or anger of the lyrics.

The Genres

Ok, you've got the music and lyrics together, now what genre is it? First of all, Genres are totally overrated. Punk, Emo, Alternative, Metal, Grunge, Pop, R&B, Rap. They're all made up. One person decided to classify music and they screwed up. So before I go any further, remember that music is music, it's a language that everyone can understand. So don't get caught up in the genres. Like I said before, Punk can be described as being very political, but these days it's a market. Punk isn't an image, nor should it be associated with one. It's an attitude and about getting a point across and it's simple. Punk music is the same way. Yes, power chords are used frequently and can be repetitive. You usually won't hear solo's or ballads, because that would take them off task and that's not what it's about. Punk these days, not really punk. Punk because of the music, pop because of the lyrics. Hence the name Pop-Punk, don't bash them because of the music, because early punk bands had the same type. Nu-metal: Same lyrics, but many are repetitive which gets really old. Ex. Linkin Park. Singing about being the outcast and how nobody understands them. Both albums pretty much the same. Kind of like emo, but with synthesizer effects if you ask me. Soul, Blues: Music is usually slow, and about the pain they feel. The vocals and music go hand in hand with these especially. They want you to feel their pain, so therefore, the music is either quite depressing and often times, suicidal like. There's little short bursts of energy in the vocals and music, each usually complimenting eachother. ex. Vocals, guitar scale, vocals, guitar scale, and so on. The don't want sympathy, yet they want you to know why they feel like crap. Well, that's all I have for now. I hope you all liked my first internet article. I'm 17 and have played bass for 2 years when I was 15 and have played guitar for a year and a half. I really just threw this together at the last minute. I tried not to use too many bands as examples just because people like to bash when they see a band they don't like. Even your favorite bands were once influenced by a different genre or band, so be openminded. I honestly have not looked up anything in this matter and it was all purely my own opinions and thoughts for the most part. We are all influenced by someone else whether we believe it or not. Another contradiction for all of you. Thanks for your time, - Ken
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