The Sounds Of Today: Indie Music

author: xstephenx date: 05/04/2004 category: genres' battles

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Indie music can best be descried as independant or DIY (do it yourself), when the person making the making it has full control over there art, art that people work hard on, and they do it all for others to enjoy and listen to. Theres something for everyone to enjoy. It can cover everything from punk, rap, country, emo, blues, jazz, jazzcore, and everything inbetween. It is music made by the people for the people, its American, British, Australlian, its anywhere and everywhere you can imagine. Everyone is doing it, having fun hanging out at indie events with friends or family. If its out there now and its music its either indie or was once indie, so indie is worth every second of listening. Great music can be found anywhere from Tennessee to California, to other countries, all places have something to offer. Indie concerts are our form of entertainment. Friends go to clubs or cafes to meet new people or hang out with friends,family and most of the time theres a band,dj, or rapper playing there, they are indie artists. They are the people that spend hours writing and practiceing songs for others to have a good time. Everyone can have a form of indie music that they listen to, theymay no go and search for bands all the time but all they have to do is open the newspaper to the entertainment secton to see that there are great bands out there and see that theres such a variety out there no one can complain. Music for the people, by the people. In a way Indie is the American way. It was created as a form of free speach that overtook the world and now it speaks to us through emotion, truth, or something similier. All artists from bands such as Greenday, Blink 182, Matchbox 20, to Aerosmith weren't always famous, they were once indie (independent) bands living out of a van. Bands such as Gage, Candiria (both from New York), and As Cities Burn (from Kentucky) are living out of that van and are considered indie and are trying to make it in the music world. What they need is support, they need people to buy there cds to keep music alive. If no one supported indie music there would be no music. It is the indie bands that will eventually be the sound of today. Anyone could pick up a guitar and record a cd if they tried hard enough, however, in our day and age its getting harder and harder for artists to get by and do what they love. They spend thousands of dollars recording in a studio along with hundreds of hours practiceing songs for shows not for their own personal enjoyment but so that anyone who gets into what their saying can go and buy their cds. Bands travel all over the world trying to sell cds and they need as much support as possible from everyone that can give it. If the music scene were to die then there would be no more places for people especially the younger generations to hang out at and our society wouldn't be as social as it is now. Indie music is for everyone no matter who they are, what they like, or what color their skin is, there is an indie artist(s) that they would like. Friends, family, anyone can go out and see bands play and have a great time and this is because of the artists that work hard to make poeple so happy. Music is a something for everyone to enjoy, indie music makes it so there is something for everyone no matter what they like. The music scence can only die if indie bands stop getting attention and all those dreams of thousands of people are not supported. Everyone should try to listen to indie music atleast once and remember what its about, being independent, living a dream.
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