Why Punk?

author: xxgenocide98xx date: 02/18/2004 category: genres' battles

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I like this
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Alright, man here goes nothing. So we have a Genre, been around since the Late 70's. We call it 'Punk'. I hear all these songs and have all these people calling themselves punks. I'm good with calling you people 'tards. No problem there buddy walk around with your spikes and orange mowhawk, you think you're badass I think you're stupid. What respect I used to have for punk I've lost it all since old bands sold out and new bands degrade into garbage... I bet the majority of you punks can't name one band who hasn't sold out... Why do I say that? Because they probably had to sell out for you to hear about them. Okay so far I've come to this understanding. Punk is slower metal minus the guitar solos, switching the growling snarling ballsy vocalist with a prepubecent teenybopper (at least nowadays thats about all of them). I play guitar and bass, as well as sing. I'm a well rounded musician and I listen to a little bit of everything (even some punk, every now and then) and as far as I can figure, punk music has taken everything good and meaningful from music, and thrown it away. They have no guitar solos, no bass solos and usually no meaning to the lyics. We all know some punk bands are against cooperate america and the like, and thats bullshit, trendy garbage. Whatever, past that point. What kind of feeling am I supposed to get from punk? Most of the lyrics are horrible and pointless. The guitars drone on and on for a pitiful three or four minutes, the drummers are nothing spectacular. Its like I said before, slowed down metal minus the solos and a different vocal style. It doesn't give me any sort of feeling at all. I don't feel energetic, I dont want to f@ck the system. I don't want to jump around and It doesn't mellow me out. I don't gain anything from this music besides a headache and/or earache. Its like noise pollution. With Jimi Hendrix you've got a bluesy feel. Its both calm and powerful at the same time. He can make his guitar sing for him. With Led Zeppelin, Plant belts out his vocal tracks as if his life depended on it, you can feel every bit of meaning in every one of his words. When I listen to Metallica I can feel the agression and the power behind the music, I can hear James grunting or singing every bit of his always meaningful lyrics. When I listen to Pink Floyd I hear the technical excellence and deep hidden meanings in their lyrics. Everything I listen to has a meaning... The biggest point of this article is not that, however, its that the song is properly composed and executed to show that meaning by the band, however deep it may be, whatever emotions it may show, whatever feeling it might give. The band is able to pull it right out of you as if it had a giant-sized handle of some sort. I find punk music is very lacking in this department... I don't see a meaning in the often repetitive lyrics, there is no feel to the guitar that isn't better found elsewhere, Punk isn't the music it's the culture. Punk's culture died when Regan went out of office, don't give me that. People are kicking as much of a dead horse with punk music as I am with this poorly-written article. As to why I'm ranting about this. Among the most important reasons: my girlfriend is a die-hard trendy punk fan and I'm interested to really know how you punks tick. Because it's way over my head. Other than that I'm just tired of seeing punks walking around and getting blank looks when I ask them the question "why punk" then listening to them rant a bunch of buzz-words in an attempt to give me a single good reason. I can't find one, and I don't think anyone else can find a good one either.
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