10 Weird Facts About Music

author: Asecretchord date: 02/07/2014 category: junkyard

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10 Weird Facts About Music
What don't you know about music?  

1. Prince could play a dozen instruments by the time he was 16, and then played 27 instruments in his album "For You."

2. For a science experiment, Axl Rose was payed eight dollars an hour for smoking cigarettes.

3. The country Monaco has a bigger orchestra than its army, how unfortunate.

4. Back to Axl Rose, when he says "Where do we go now" in "Sweet Child O' Mine," he was actually asking where to go next in the lyrics because he forgot the next part.

5. The spanish guitar's nylon strings sound so lovely, but they were made out of sheep intestines before being changed to nylon in World War II.  

6. David Bowie has a tattoo of a lizard on his ankle, and when I googled "David Bowie Lizard Tattoo" I got a picture of Abe Lincoln. Just saying.

7. Warner Communications owns the Happy Birthday song, and it makes them approximately two million dollars a year for them.

8. In The Beatles "Love Me Do," John Lennon stole the harmonica that he used from a Dutch shop.

9. Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong's cat died in a washing machine.

10. When he was 17, Ozzy Osbourne applied to the British Army. Not long after that, he realized that the army wasn't his forte, and declined.
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