Addressing An Issue

author: DeathMetalHub date: 07/19/2012 category: junkyard

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Addressing An Issue
When I log onto UG, the first thing I do is read up on the latest music news, and maybe check out some reviews. When nothing else interests me, I decide to contribute towards the site by writing an article or a review (which I have yet to do.) I gladly admit I am not a professional writer or critic, and I know people will always have different opinions than me. That is fine. I made the mistake of putting my email address in my profile, and some people who have seen my articles and disagree with them, or doesn't what I write about, have sent me some crude emails regarding my articles and opinions. Instead of reporting these people to UG or whoever deals with stuff like this, I'm just going to address is straight up. If you don't like my articles, comments, ideas or opinions, then that is fine. You are entitled to your own opinion, and I'm not going to judge you by that. But if you feel the need to haggle me because you don't like what I write, then you sir, are pathetic. I can take criticism, and I am grateful to any criticism that can help me make my articles more enjoyable for you. But please don't waste my time by flooding my inbox on why you think I'm an idiot. And if you are going to insult my grammar, perhaps you should look upon your own before you point the finger. Also, I know UG is a site for musicians to find tabs, read news related to music and mingle with other musicians via forums etc. But there are no rules that state UG users cannot post about themselves, experiences or whatever they feel like. This one isn't really about me, but I have seen a lot of fellow users tear on people who just want to share a story, because they don't find it to their liking. Sorry for this little whine, but please, criticise, not hate someone because of their opinion.
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