Gary Moore's Sound

author: JC Rea date: 12/03/2003 category: junkyard

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I like this
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This article is taken from Argento's Guitar Nation group website, so I'm not the autor of this. Hi viewers and welcome to another Guitar Cookery course. Today we are going to learn the recipe for Gary Moore. So first of all the Ingredients that go into this delicious sound. If you don't have the gourmet ingredients like a Les Paul Gibson and a stack system that looks like a Semi detached house, then fret not cos we can get by with much cheaper Supermarket ingredients. You'll need: - One 10w or 15 w practice amp (Gary uses a marshall one at home btw) - A delay pedal (optional) - A distortion pedal - And of course a guitar preferably an Epiphone Les Paul (so you like him as well & Im not being biased lol) but if not something close with three way switch and twin humbuckers. Set the guitar to bridge pickup and tone and volume to full. Amp settings should be as follows: - Gain (distortion): 6 - Bass: 6 - Middle: 5 (adds more sustain) - Treble: 6 - Volume: 5 - Reverb (if you've got it): 4 (slight thickening sound) Delay pedal set to about 250 ms (if you've got one) and if you've got a mix control set it to very little just so theres just a sneak of echo. And away you go, thats the end of todays recipe.
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