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author: metal jello date: 01/09/2008 category: junkyard

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Ok. I'll start with some effects used in the band Dragonforce. Harmonic Squeels- This is Dimebag 101. First, you take your middle finger of your left hand and flick the string to get it ringing. Then, immediately dump the whammy bar. It's important to have either a Floyd Rose or an Ibanez trem system. Now, lightly tap a harmonic (a fret that when you lightly tap, it makes a ringing noise) and slowly raise the trem bar. Heres an easy tab version-
e[----------------------------------------------] B[----------------------------------------------] G[--0-(pull bar down)---(3)--(pull up the bar)--] D[----------------------------------------------]
Pac Man ghost noise- If you have a tremolo bar, take it out of the guitar, if you don't have one, get a slide or even something smooth like a battery. Turn your tone knob up and lightly stroke the bar (battery, slide, etc.) on the top 3 strings back and forth slowly. Yep, that simple. Pac Man game over noise- THis trick also uses the slide, tremolo bar, or battery, etc. You take your slide and lightly place it over the high E string up near the bridge pickup. Pick the string and take the slide and wiggle it up and down a small area of the string quickly. As you do this, keeping that kind of tremolo effect, move it down the neck to about the 15 fret. So, pretty much you move the slide back and forth to achieve a tremolo effect, and move the slide to the 15 fret. Pac Man chewing noise (wok wok wok)- Put your amp to a clean channel. I put my hand lightly on the 21 fret so it won't make a harmonic. Now, just pick the pick slowly across the strings. Here's the tab-
e[---------------------------(21)---------------------------------------] B[----------------------(21)------(21)----------------------------------] G[-----------------(21)----------------(21)-----------------------------] D[------------(21)--------------------------(21)------------------------] A[-------(21)------------------------------------(21)-------------------] E[--(21)----------------------------------------------(21)--------------]
  • play clean and quickly Motorcycle noise (tremolo bar)- Bend down the tremolo bar then play an open E string twice quickly and keep it ringing. Pull off of the bar and repeat a few time on other strings to get different sounds. Motorcycle noise (Slide)- Lay a slide, tremolo bar, battery, or anything smooth and round like that on the 5 frets on the E and A strings and pick the strings two times. THen, slowly move the slide up to about the 10th fret.
    e[--------------------------------------------------------------] B[--------------------------------------------------------------] G[--------------------------------------------------------------] D[--------------------------------------------------------------] A[--5-5/(slowly slide)/------0-0/(slowly slide)/5---------------] E[--5-5/(slowly slide)/------0-0/(slowly slide)/5---------------]
    "Dieing Robot" noise- This is something you might hear from Buckethead. With your fretting hand, cover and mute the strings over the 1st fret. With your picking hand, no pick, play this-
    e[--17-------16-------15-------14-------13-------12-------11--------------] B[-----16-------15-------14-------13-------12-------11-------10-----------] G[--------15-------14-------13-------12-------11-------10-------9---------] D[------------------------------------------------------------------------] A[-------------------------------------------------------------------\\---] E[-------------------------------------------------------------------\\---]
    "Somebody Get Me a Doctor" harmonic effect- To get the harmonic effects of the Van Halen song "Somebody Get Me A Doctor", hammer on and pull of repeatedly between the 2 fret of the G string and the open string. You can actually do this with any trill. I'm using the G string open and the 2nd fret as an example. Trill those notes and with your right hand, while trilling, lighlty lay it on the string and move your hand across the fretboard to achieve different harmonics.
    e[------------------------------------------------------------------------ B[------------------------------------------------------------------------ G[--2p0h2p0h2p0h2p0h2p0--(w/ your picking hand lighlty lay your finger on- D[------------------------------------------------------------------------ A[------------------------------------------------------------------------ E[------------------------------------------------------------------------
    e[--------------------------------------------------] B[--------------------------------------------------] G[-the string and slowly move it across the string)-] D[--------------------------------------------------] A[--------------------------------------------------] E[--------------------------------------------------]
    Well, those are some effects and tricks you can do with a guitar. Thank you for reading my first article.
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