How To Palm Mute Like A PRO

author: apajr date: 12/05/2011 category: junkyard

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How I learned to Palm Mute I started playing guitar with the intention of playing in a metal group, having a tour and releasing a CD. I wanted all this once I watched a documentary DVD with a metal band that I loved. I found a teacher then started taking classes. I was so full of enthusiasm once I begun playing guitar, plus I wanted to learn as many things as achievable in a solitary guitar session . First I thought that on behalf of playing metal all you require is an electric guitar plus an amp that has distortion. I knew zero on the subject of palm mute. I watched that the statement "palm mute" was associated with the word "riff". At that moment all I had was an acoustic guitar and I felt disappointed because I thought that without an electric guitar there is no way that I can practice and learn the palm mute guitar practice . My teacher told me that you don't necessitate an electric guitar to learn how to palm mute, because all that you should be concerned about is: the style you bring into your playing with your picking hand the amount of pressure you utilize when muting the strings the area where you place your right hand Furthermore he was correct. He showed me that palm mute is vastly applicable to the acoustic guitar plus it can help make new sounds :) Here is how I practiced the palm mute technique until I completely mastered it. 1. Primary I put my attention at putting my right hand in a suitable spot nearby the bridge. Once doing that I observed that the amount of applied pressure is crucial when using this technique. 2. If I was pressing to firm, the strings ended up being fully muffled, and if I was pressing them to soft there were sounding as there was no muting at all. 3. The secret is to exercise this procedure as much as you can, until you begin to feel what is the correct amount of pressure that needs to be applied on the strings so that your guitar palm mute skill is performed properly. 4. I started practicing metal songs that used this technique. I even comprehended some riffs while i still had only an acoustic guitar. In conclusion I would like to convey to you that the palm mute guitar technique is a must-know method no matter what style of music you like. With a little effort from your part you will learn this technique very quickly. Just dedicate at the least 15- 20 min a each day to getting used to the feeling of muting the strings. If you would like to learn more concerning the palm mute guitar technique i recommend that you read this article about The palm mute guitar technique and fret hand muting
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