International Music Trends

author: RockstarAdam date: 11/19/2012 category: junkyard

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International Music Trends
Each country/region is different. And with these differences comes preferences and opinions. Personally I cannot speak for America since I don't live there, but there is obvious diversity there. Various radio stations dedicated to rock, rap, hip-hop, techno, dubstep (sadly), and the variety channels that play a selection of each. A wide selection of music is great and essential to really enjoy your music. Otherwise if everyone listened to the same music as you, where would the uniqueness be? Sure, it would be great to be on the same level musically with your friends and for everyone to have the same albums, but where would the fun be in that? Here in South Africa (hi mom), nearly everyone listens to R&B and the pitiful mash-up of bass and techno that sounds like a demented robot having a seizure. (By the way, if robots ever became sentient, would they be offended by dubstep? - I mean more than most people are already?). There are a few people here who still like to rock out and use the term "rockstar" in the way it should ACTUALLY be used. In short, the jealousy is heightening for me since the only amount of Rock I hear on the radio these days is one song a day on the 5fm Rock Revival. (Yeah, that's how bad it is here. They actually think one-or-so songs a day equals a revival). Aaaaand then back to Rihanna and Lil Wayne for the rest of the evening. At this point my earphones go in so I couldn't tell you what else there is. Leave comments if you are in another country and share with the community what you guys generally listen to and what your stations play. Cheesecake
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