Is Electronic Music, Well Music?

author: Smartin4851 date: 01/13/2012 category: junkyard

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Intro: Music is a living breathing entity that surrounds and encompasses our lives. Electronic music is defined as being unnatural sounds and pitches that can not produced without certain technology. That statement is contrary to our idea of music making it rather difficult to understand that the estranged sounds coming out of gargantuan stereo speakers is, in fact, artistic music. My best friends are composed of a folk singer and a jazz enthusiast. Myself being an avid punk rock fan because I enjoy the raw human nature of the music. Many of my breed dismiss electronic music at first glance as nonsensical sounds produced with glorified toys. I disagree with my contemporaries. I feel electronic music, be it house, dubstep, or big beat, deserves it's rightful place as an accepted artistic music genre. My reasons for this are that electronic music is; composed, innovated, performed, like any other style made by human beings. Reasons: Music develops and changes because of change in instrument technology. The march was popularized by the invention of the tension strung snare drum, bebop by the invention of the saxophone, and classic rock by the invention of the electric guitar and it's counterpart the amplifier. The invention of the first commercially available synthesizer by Robert Moog heralded the era of electronic music in the same way Adolphe Sax's saxophone ushered in bebop. The addition of advancements in computer technology has produced more and more possibilities for electronic music to expand and define itself more thoroughly. Duran Duran isn't called a new wave band because they play drum and fife, it's because they utilize the newest wave of technology available to them. Many nay-sayers of electronic music present the argument that electronic music isn't real because it's all studio magic and they don't play real improvisable instruments. This statement is pure bollocks. Electronic loops may not be an instrument but the loopers themselves are essentially a percussion instrument on crack. This is not even delving into the world of real-time synthesizers such as the modular keyboard, theremin, or kaossilator. I recently had the pleasure of going to HHS' Mac Music and Percussion concert. Initially I was leery about the idea of students being able to pull off concert pieces using only electronic instruments without the high end tech professional DJ's and electronic musicians have. The students were only equipped with two iPhones, two iPads, three synths running through iMacs, and a few microphones. After about a half hour into the performance my illusionary preconceptions about electronic music were completely dispelled. The use of the touch synths on the iPads and iPhones simulated fully playable real time instruments, not just a prerecorded loop. What really amazed me was how seamlessly they integrated with the percussion ensemble. The final piece of the night, Carol of the Bells, was performed by both groups and made some of the most interesting sounds and melodies I have ever heard. The harmonic textures layering over each other formed sound-scapes reminiscent of an ocean during a storm. Finale: The experiences I have had with electronic music and the context in which they are used provides more than enough basis to dispell any negative connotations concerning electronic music's lack of validity. I feel electronic music has proven it's worth time and time again and eventually will be excepted as a form of artistic music by it's classical peers not just entertaining sounds. This paper was written to Daft Punk's, Discovery. Also a link to what a Kaossilator is :) If you get bored skip to the three minute mark is when things get really crazy.
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