Music That Is Actually Worth A Damn

author: MiKe Hendryckz date: 08/28/2012 category: junkyard

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Music That Is Actually Worth A Damn
I know my summary starts off by taking a slight jab at some old greats (no Nickelback is not an old great; but they too are monotonous and decrepit) but the fact is news is NEWS. You don't see news channels talking about things that happened ten years ago. So why do we as music news talk about the same damn bands and the same CDs we have all heard thousands of times. "Back In Black" is never going to be any different. Sure the immigrant song was monumental to me as a seven year old boy... But thirteen years and a couple thousand plays is ENOUGH. Time of your life was a very emotional song to hear... The first three hundred times. If you are tired of Axl and Slash controversies; possible Black Sabbath reunions and interviews with Zakk Wylde teaching the way to put as many pinch harmonics in a song as possible then my articles are for you. The band I am going to touch on in this article is Today I Caught The Plague. Now Today I Caught The Plague (TICTP) is a melodic band from Ottawa, Ontario and I have the pleasure of calling them friends. They just finished a tour of the United States with Protest The Hero, Periphery and Jeff Loomis as well as the metal adventure tour with Scale the Summit. A band with just one E.P. ("Ms. Mary Mallon") and one full record ("LORE") to some might seem trivial but history has shown most bands are best at the near relative start. ("Ride The Lightning", "Dookie", "All Killer, No Filler", "Watch Out!") This band has guitar riffs unmatchable by any except the virtuosos of axeology A la Steve Vai and Rusty Cooley. With a drummer who was invited to join BTBAM and a bassist with the stage presence of a gremlin on crack cocaine. It's no wonder they are considered by many in the scene locally and abroad to put on some of the best live shows anyone can offer. This is all before we even touch on the completely original and powerful voice of their singer David Journeaux. Dave is not only one of the nicest people personality wise; his screams are similar to a banshee tearing through a field of soldiers but then switches to the high pitched songbird singing many can only marvel at. If you are a metal fan it is worth your while to check out their first music video for the song "From Bulwark To Bane" on YouTube. Thanks to Krank.TV.
That sums up the first article I have ever posted to UG and the first of many "Music That Is Actually Worth A Damn!" Have a ridiculous weekend but lets all make sure were still around come Monday!
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