One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other: Bullet Cable, Vox, Lava Coil Cable Differences

author: bulletcable date: 10/07/2011 category: junkyard

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Three Coil Cables Shown Together Look Very Similar

Bullet Coil Cable, Vox Vintage Coil, Lava Retro-Coil

Marketing copy and images found on the internet leave most consumers unaware of the physical differences that each coil cable brand has to offer. Iconic images of musicians using coil cables in the past, further confuse the issue and create expectations that are not realistic. Are the current coil cables in the market really the same? Core One, the makers of Bullet Cable, purchased their competitors' coil cables to find out. Bullet Cable's Coil, Vox's Vintage Coil Cable , and Lava's Retro-Cable were measured side by side and physical differences were noted. In all areas, all three cables are physically different. In the post, "One of These Things Is Not Like the Other: Bullet, Vox, Lava Retro-Coil" on the website, the company gives examples of how each of these physical differences and their resulting effects on the signal performance of the cables has impacted choices in the market and the satisfaction of the artists who use their products. They also remind us that like any physical relationship, personal preference is different for everyone. Coil Cable Size

Comparable length and weight comparisons between Bullet Cable, Vox, and Lava

Although, by image alone, the coil cables appear to be the same size, physical measurements showed that they are different. The Bullet Cable's length is 33 ft and weight is 1.3 lbs, Vox's length is 29.52 ft and weight is .93 lbs, and Lava Cable makes a cable length of 20 ft. and weighs in at .78 lbs. Coil Diameter

Coil Comparative of the actual coil size

The Bullet Cable, inspired by the images of thicker retro style cables, has a coil diameter of 1.2 inch. Visually, this would measure just a 1/4" smaller than the standard pick size. Vox's coil is .94 inches and Lava Cable is .79 inch. Coil Cable Jacket Size

The jacket circumference difference

A Dime is .7 inch in height. This can give you a good visual for the total thickness of the cable itself. The Bullet Cable's diameter is .29 inch, Vox's is .23 inch and Lava Cable is 5.5 mm.

Stage performance is affected by Coil flexibility

The Bullet Cable has the longest stage performance length. Vox is second and Lava is the shortest Coil cables are designed for stretch, but you will have a distance where it will come off the stage. Pulled far enough, it will pull out of your amp or drag your pedal board around on the floor. Both Vox (29.52 ft) and Lava Cable (20 ft) coils have the shortest distances, a little over half their length. Vox stretches to 14 feet before it lifts off of the floor. Lava Cable stretches to 11 feet before it lifts off of the floor. Bullet Cable (33 feet) stretches around 26 feet from lifting off of the floor, making it the longest for stage performance.
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