Shooting The Messenger

author: RockstarAdam date: 10/25/2012 category: junkyard

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Shooting The Messenger
In many news feeds released in UG daily, there are many controversial topics, including "Which is the best band?", "Which is the best 'Best Of' album?", and more recently, "Which is the best guitar solo?" These articles are submitted by fellow UG members who try to see people's views on certain divided subjects, and because of this they get their heads bitten off and their ratings lowered, thus affecting their rank. What is annoying is that many of these questions are released to the general public (that's you) beforehand so they can make THEIR contribution to the article. The author then tally's the information and once again presents the results to the public, who then proceed to start a huge battle of "...But this band sucks and MY favorite band wasn't included on the list!" and then rate the entire article down. All because the author wanted to pose a question. And then use YOUR opinions to make the article Although this is what usually happens, there are many people who submit very biased and one-sided articles (I should know, I once submitted one on Rock vs Hip-Hop which I regret deeply). These people are responsible for their opinions and therefore for the replies they get. But I would like to reach out to the UG community regarding rating an objective, fair article. If the article is one-sided and biased, you have permission to comment (fairly), but if it is objective, and reflects the opinions of yourselves, rate it how it should be rated - for the amount of effort they put into the article to please you, not for your personal opinions about it.
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