Something to Kill Time

author: srdelavega1921 date: 04/03/2013 category: junkyard

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Something to Kill Time
Hello there! Yes, you, in front of the screen, hand on the mouse. Yep, that person right there. Right there. I'm calling out to you, for apparently no reason actually, there's nothing important I could tell you, or talk about, nothing special. Lets just chat for a while. Well, apart from the fact that I'll do most of the talking... heh. So... how's life? Me? Oh, I've been doing great, school's great, friends are great, everything's just fine. Yeah, just fine. Nothing wrong in particular. How about you? I would like to say something though, are you still thinking that your life is really umm... How do I say this... "down on the dumps"? Thinking that you can't handle any of the obstacles being thrown blocking you from your world of happiness? If no, well, good for you then :) If yes, well I'll have to say, you are not as weak and unlucky as you think you are. I mean how old are you? No matter how old are you you survived through everything that you crossed ever since you were born up until this very moment you are reading this. So if you're thinking you're nothing but a sad, sad, lonely, weak little insignificant person. No. My life isn't doing that well either. Yes, I know I just said my life was doing great - no. It's not. I have been going through a lot. School is like a battlefield. Friendship is getting weak. What about love? Have you fell in love once? Are you in the friendzone? Yes, I know this is a bit personal, but yes, the friendzone is horrible. HORRIBLE I TELL YOU. Okay, what about music? YEAH! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout! That's why you're in this site in the first place - The Ultimate Guitar.COM - music has helped gone through a lot of my problems lately. So does playing Guitar. It still confuses me of how a bunch of words sung in a tune or a song or a set of notes and chords are just enough to make me feel better and enlightened in some way. How long have you been playing guitar? Yes, I know, the guitar is a wonderful instrument to play and is quite one of the easiest - well, maybe for some of us. Try to recall the time when you started guitar playing - buying a new guitar and you suddenly get this amazing idea to learn it and now you're probably freaking awesome at playing it, or maybe you're still struggling with the whole "instrument thing", but whether you're good at it or not don't give up and continue playing. I think it's time for me to bid Adieu, but I will surely meet you again. 'Til my next Article, fellow guitarists!
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