The Real Villains Of The Music Industry

author: GhostPlayground date: 01/17/2013 category: junkyard

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The Real Villains Of The Music Industry
Musicians seemed to have gained the mindset of the recording industry being a monolithic being that only seeks to make money off of the work of skilled musicians. These musicians have attempted to release their music exclusively on independent labels, and on online websites, in order to allow complete control over their music. The sad thing about this however, is that oftentimes by doing this, these musicians have unwittingly allied themselves with what could be considered to be the true villains in the music industry. Independent record labels for instance often make their money by simply operating a printing press for the albums you've recorded with them and selling the records to you so that you can sell your records at shows/small stores. While their paycheck is guaranteed because of your money, and your confidence that people will want to purchase your music, it is possible that you will never make any profit from the money you invested in your musical career. Websites where you can create a band page, provide links to your YouTube/Facebook pages and make your music available for streaming/downloading could be considered to be worse than major labels as well. The entire business model of these websites is to provide musicians hope that if they continue to use their website, and spend their money on advertising services that they provide, that they can use the website to make them successful in the music industry. The reality is that, if you become a success then you will probably abandon their site and they would lose a little bit of money after you leave to pursue a career in music. These sites don't make money unless they are cluttered with thousands of failed musicians who are desperately spending their/their parent's money in a desperate attempt to become successful in the music business. Sometimes there are musicians who create a type of "musical monopoly" in the town where they live. These people usually have the resources to record music, produce music, distribute music (albeit only within the town), and print music. These people also teach music to aspiring musicians, as well as make them pay money for songwriting sessions and various other things that "real record producers do". The reality is that these people are possibly the biggest villains in the entire music industry. You would probably pay a person like this hundreds/thousands of dollars in the hopes that they will make you successful in the music business, without realizing that you becoming successful is probably the absolute last thing that they want. If you become successful and leave the town, these people lose a large chunk of their paycheck that would be very difficult to replace with someone else, due to the fact that they live in a small town. These people will steer you away from the path of success with a psychopathic smile on their faces while whispering in your ear that "if you follow them success will be just around the corner". The reality is that major labels are the most honest people in the music industry. They state quite bluntly that "we want to make money off of your music" and "if you make us enough money, we'll make you a success". The hard and blunt truth is certainly less damaging to a person/band's musical career than a sugar-coated lie.
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