Things I Hate Whilst Attending A Concert

author: DeathMetalHub date: 07/12/2012 category: junkyard

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Things I Hate Whilst Attending A Concert
01. People who continually text while sitting next to me Words cannot entirely present how much this grinds my gears. All I can say is, that if you are texting next to me while at a concert, know that I am trying my hardest to restrain myself from taking your phone and pelting it at the wall. If you are going to pay all that money to attend a concert, watch the damn thing, don't text someone continually throughout the whole show! I am sick of seeing the light of your screen turning on and off. And its worse when they don't have their phone on silent! 02. Parking The city I live in has parking meters on every bloody curb, every alley, every parking area. You even have to pay McDonalds to use their car park. The stadium where most concerts are held, is far beyond walking distance from the train station, and the buses are putrid hunks of metal filled with junkies and mental cases. I usually end up parking a 20 min walk away from the venue and sprinting to make it on time. I hate cities. 03. Pedestrians Well more like "Lets walk out in front of cars-ians." God these people really push my buttons. Know this, when I stop for you, that is a privilege, not a right. How dare you just walk across the road, without as so much as checking if cars are coming. You are lucky I am a patient guy, or else the paramedics would be scraping your face off my windscreen. 04. Odours I am sick of smelling the guy who smells like rotten pepperoni at nearly every gig I attend. Does it hurt to have a shower and apply some deodorant before you go out places? I am trying not to hurl on the head of the gentleman/lady in front of me. How about I lay my waste in a cup and wear it as aftershave and sit next to you? There are many other things that annoy me, but I guess these annoy me the most. If you have ever had a bad experience at a concert, or been put off by something or someone around you at a gig, leave a comment.
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