Top 10 Lead Guitarist Cliches

author: MattCox12345 date: 12/07/2012 category: junkyard

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Top 10 Lead Guitarist Cliches

10. Leather Trousers

Always wear leather. Leather is the world's hardest-rocking material. And leather doesn't have to be washed often, which works great on tour.

9. Sunglasses Everywhere

Whether you're indoors/outside, whether it's day/night or whether it's hot/cold, sunglasses must always be worn.

8. Multi-Neck Guitars

We don't need these most of the time, but we play them because they look cool. People will disagree and say that they are extremely useful, but ask yourself this question: How many songs do I know that require you to shift from a regular 6-string to a 12-string in a second or two? None.

7. Wall Of Marshalls

It doesn't have to be Marshalls, but a wall of amps or at least 5 or 6 is essential. NO COMBO AMPS!

6. Odd Head-Wear

Everyone has had some sort of strange head-wear at one stage or another. Guitarists such as Slash, Angus Young and Jimmy Page are no strangers to odd head-wear.

5. The Trophy Wife

You gotta get a nice beautiful wife to go with your beautiful guitars.

4. Signature/Vandalised Gear

You either got signature gear or you have gear that you've vandalised so much it sort of is signature gear. (Kurt Cobain and his legendary sticker on his strat: Vandalism; beautiful as a rock in a cop's face.)

3. Signature Stage Moves

Chuck Berry and Angus Young's "Duckwalk". Mick Jagger's "Crotch Grab". Pete Townshend's "Windmill", the list goes on. But you need to make your own moves, and do them so often that every time you do it, everyone loves it.

2. Drug/Alcohol Habits

This doesn't apply to everyone but it certainly is very common. Everyone has got to know that you've done some sort of drug or had a lot of alcohol at some stages in your life.

1. Always Smoking

Again, this doesn't apply to everyone, but if you look at people like Slash, they smoke in EVERY music video, concert, CD artwork, etc. And they smoke so often the cigarette becomes a part of their body, and it makes it weird to see them without a cigarette in their mouth.
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