What Does 'Overproduced' Even Mean?

author: BlackSeaDeluge date: 03/18/2014 category: junkyard

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What Does 'Overproduced' Even Mean?
Hello everyone, my name is Braedon Sutherland. I live in a small town off the west coast of Canada and I produce, as well as play lead guitar and compose in a band called Black Sea Deluge. My main skill, however, is production.

When I hear someone use the phrase "overproduced" to describe music, what I expect to hear is the song buried in effects so deep that the instruments are muddy, vocals that are not clearly defined and a mix that is uneven and unprofessional. What I most often hear, however, is a high-fidelity mix with level instruments, clean playing and clearly defined notes all across the board. How is this overproduced?

Some people may prefer the raw sound from the instruments, they believe any sort of tampering takes the "soul" out of the music. What really takes the soul out of music, in my personal opinion, is not presenting it in the best quality that is possible. What is the point in making music and including nuances and small details if people can't even hear them?

A lot of the time I will hear these statements from elitists who believe that anything that has more than a little reverb and some basic mixing is blasphemous and disingenuous. These sorts of people believe that if you use punches so you can get a part just right, you're faking your talent and you should leave mistakes on your record. Again, another question from me: Why purposely leave mistakes on something that you've spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours writing and recording? What is the point of purposely putting fingerprints on a diamond?

In closing, overproduced does not mean that your album is recorded and mixed to perfection and that there are no flaws; it means that the production is too much; too much compression, too much reverb, too much of any effect or frequency is overproduction. Perfecting your song, however, is not.
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