Why Axl Rose Hated Nirvana

author: Roostashag date: 11/13/2004 category: junkyard

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Ok now as we all probably know by now, Axl Rose hated Kurt Cobain and Kurt probably hated Axl. Now what we don't know is why. I do not know exactly why but I do in fact have some pretty good guesses. Number one. Lets all agree here that Axl spoke loudly about his hatred of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana and the entire grunge revolution while Kurt was a lot more relaxed. if you can't agree to that please post some comments. Now. Axl Rose made it as clear as day that he hated Kurt with a fiery appasion and these are the reasons why. Axl may have felt like Grunge killed the hair bands. Guns And Roses didn't exactly have the longest time-span on the planet and they basically caught the tail end of the hair band metal thing. This alone could have contributed to a hatred for whatever music stopped that. Axl seemingly had to find a scapegoat to blame it on, and who better than.....Kurt Cobain and Grunge. Grunge has been said to be the "nail in the coffin of Hair metal." Axl openly said that "his" music was the greatest basically and that Grunge and alternative were a horrible peice of shit. He obviously hated Kurt for "basically" starting that. Another point. Axl may have felt jealous towards Kurt's songwriting capabilities. When I hear a Guns And Roses song, I don't hear good lyrics or even a good singer like I do in Nirvana. Axl may have seen this and thought that he would have to shatter Kurt's image by any means neccessary. Many people agree that Kurt Cobain is one of the greatest songwriters of all time and that Axl couldn't hold a dime to him. This is one of the beliefs that i have why Axl Rose hated Kurt Cobain and Grunge. Another reason is that Axl Rose just hated Kurt's "junky" way of life. He may have felt like Kurt was almost a bad influence and that because hwe was a "junky" he should not be allowed the right to music. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but Axl Rose was also a heavy drug-addict. Axl many times talked of Kurt as thought him being a "Junky" is horrible but yet never spoke of his own addiction with drugs and alcohol. He may have felt that by turning the tables on a more known addict he could escape the spotlight of his own. I believe this is a far-fetched idea but may be there. In closing Axl Rose hated Kurt Cobain plain and simple. There are many other reasons out there but please comment on this.
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