40 Years And Still Surviving

author: Nicolas N date: 01/21/2009 category: the history of

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''In the days of my youth,I was told what it was to be a man, Now Ive reached the age,Ive tried to do all those things the best I can, No matter how I try,I find my way to do the same old jam''. That was the first verse of the first song of the first album Led Zeppelin ever recorded. Who knew this verse would change the direction of rock and who knew this band would have such a succes? Led Zeppelin has been, is and will be remembered as one of the greatest hard rock bands to ever exist. The mix of Robert Plant's voice which continues to be first-class and rivitting, the unhuman solos by the great Jimmy Page, the tasty bass licks by John Paul Jones and the hard drumming by John Bonham gave the result of Led Zeppelin. This band has become and will be the voice of a generation. Fourty years ago, four guys got a record an album out just as any regular band would have. No one knew the sensation this band would encounter. The album was entitled Led Zeppelin such as the name's band. Coincidence? This album release was the beginning of an era, the face of rock and roll would forever change. The Beatles were replaced by these outstanding musicians. This album was considered as one of the best rock albums. The magazine Rolling Stone ranked this album in the 29th place in the 500 greatest albums. Impressive, you can say... The album is a fusion of blues and rock which gives the one and only Led Zeppelin. According to Page, "The first album is a live album, it really is, and it's done intentionally in that way. It's got overdubs on it, but the original tracks are live." Many people, even fourty years later, wonder what is in the cover of the album? "The cover of Led Zeppelin...shows the Hindenburg airship, in all its phallic glory, going down in flames. The image did a pretty good job of encapsulating the music inside: sex, catastrophe and things blowing up." Greg Kot, Rolling Stone Those nine songs appearing in the record were just a simple preview of what this band was able to do. After all this, two questions only come to mind: Will Led Zeppelin reunite and tour around the world and the second one is: Will there ever be a band such as this one; so talented and influential?
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