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The rammstein origins go back to the time of the german reunification. Richard Kruspe escape from his hometown to the German Federal Republic, Kruspe met Till Lindemann, them with Oliver Riedel, bassist of The Inchtabokatables and Christoph Schneider drummer of Die Firma launched Rammstein. In 1994 recorded a demo for a band competition in Berlin for beginners, the Berlin Senate Metro. The tape contained four songs, "Das alte Leid", "Seemann" "Weies Fleisch" and "Rammstein", which at that time were English lyrics. Rammstein won the competition, whose prize was a session of a week in a professional recording studio. The victory drew the attention of Paul Landers, the band Feeling B, who joined as second guitarist for the recording of the award. The group also wanted to incorporate Flake Lorenz, who played keyboards in the group of Landers. At first, Lorenz refused to join the band because the music style was bland and expressionless. He finally accepted the condition to be sung in German. During 1996 they played at some festivals like the Bizarre-Festival and appeared on the MTV program Hanging Out with his songs "wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?" and "Du Riechst so gut." On 27 September of that year gave the show 100 years of Rammstein, to commemorate its centennial concert. Rammstein In 1999 he won his first Grammy Award nomination for "Du hast" and her second ECHO Award, this time for being the most famous German band abroad. In June they toured the North American continent opening for Soulfly, and during the fall, the group participated in the Pledge of Allegiance Tour with Slipknot, System of a Down, Mudvayne, American Head Charge. In August released a double album called Live aus Berlin, recorded live on 22 and 23 August 1998 in Berlin Wuhlheide Volkspark. The concerts brought together 17,000 each, the highest total influx of Rammstein action to date. In 2001, four years after his last studio album, debuted recording contract with Universal Music, the Music Engine separated from the consortium. With the multinational edited Mutter Rammstein disc made to achieve the best sales figures of his career to achieve double platinum status. Mutter five songs were sold as a single. Some of them, much of this as of other albums, were included on soundtracks for Hollywood films like "Feuer frei!" in xXx, "Halleluja" in Resident Evil or "Du hast" in the cult movie The Matrix the Wachowski brothers, Mein Herz brennt in the movie Hellboy 2. Style Generally musical style is classified as industrial metal band Rammstein, alternative metal, progressive metal or heavy metal. However, throughout his discography are themselves elements of hard rock, electronic music and gothic metal. Musically, Rammstein is strongly influenced by artists such as the Slovenian industrial band Laibach, DAF (Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft), Oomph! and Ministry. In any case, the profound differences between songs like "Bestrafe mich", "Ohne dich" and "Te Quiero Puta!" make it extremely difficult to ascribe to a particular movement Rammstein. Indeed, the drum beats are very simple and repetitive characteristic of Rammstein. So are the powerful guitar riffs and a lot of distortion, often performed in unison by the two guitars. Rammstein's style heavy metal away from the pure by the absence of drum breaks, the lack of virtuosity in the guitar solos and the continued inclusion of electronic sound effects. In a 1997 interview, Richard Kruspe Rammstein claimed the uniqueness of the musical map. From the second album (Sehnsucht) collecting a certain refinement in the singing of Till Lindemann, in the words of Christoph Schneider, Lindemann begins "to sing and not just talk" -. From the third (Mutter), according to some critics, the production is cleaner and less heavy guitar sound. In the last few records the number of quiet ballads like "Nebel" and "Ohne dich" and begin to include new instruments like the accordion ("Reise, Reise") pan flute ("Wo bist du?") Or mariachi-style trumpets of "Te quiero puta!" Rammstein has developed a particular reputation for the use of pyrotechnics in their live. Vocalist Till Lindemann is a qualified pyrotechnic. The show unfolds in concert Rammstein includes, among other things, the use of flamethrowers masks and sticks, guitars, microphones and boots throwing sparks or burning. Lindemann would sing the song "Rammstein" on fire, wearing a fire suit. In the last group tours, fireworks has gone into the background, placing special emphasis on the comic side of the shows. For example, in "Mein Teil" Lindemann "cook" a "Flake" Lorenz in a giant pot with a large flamethrower and chases him around the stage. Another typical gag concert Rammstein is up to a member of the band on an inflatable boat and it "surf" on the public. For the tour LIFAD 2009-2010, the fireworks display has regained its strength, with new effects. At the base and roof of the stage there flamethrower. In Benzin, a supposed fan onto the stage and lit into flames. For your dir weh Ich, Flake gets into a bathtub and throwing metal Till simulates water on it. In Engel, Till uses a pair of cast aluminum wings flames. Lindemann has a powerful presence on stage. His vocal range is that of a baritone, at times reaching record low. When he sings has a tendency to pronounce r's of Honeycomb vibrant, like the sound "rr" in Spanish. The use of this sound, improper standard German, has earned Rammstein's detractors to accuse them of pro-nazi, as Adolf Hitler uttered the "R". Another of the hallmarks of Lindemann on stage is a blow to the thigh with his fist to the beat of the music. Lindemann flamethrower gloves during the song Rammstein. Till Lindemann is a qualified pyrotechnic. Rammstein Curiosities Till Lindemann -In 2002 he published his first book of poems, entitled Messer ("knife").
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