Schenk Guitars

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Schenk Guitars
Inspired by his grandfather, Rod Schenk developed a passion for wood working at a very young age. After attaining his BS in Engineering from Temple University, he spent nearly a decade in project management for multi-million dollar projects, getting multiple professional engineering licences from several different states, started an engineering firm, and in 2000 participated in an engineering analysis for truss-rod and bracing for Kevin Ryan, a California luthier. It wasn't until 2004 however, that Rod began to design his own guitars beginning with the FE Grand Fingerstyle. Then in 2005, Rod built his first FE Grand Fingersyle guitar using Italian Rosewood and Sitka Spruce. From that point on it was more than a new type of career in wood-working for Rod. It was an addiction and a passion that outgrew the small basement wood shop he had envisioned from his grandfather. With his knowledge of structural engineering combined with his passion for guitar making, he has now made hundreds of guitars many of them with highly customized features and craftsmanship unparalleled by even the biggest and well-known brands in guitar. To prove this dominance in guitar making and after only 3 short years of being in the industry, Rod went on to win Gold in the 2008 Players Choice Award for best acoustic guitar in the Small Scale Custom Builder category and has been the reigning champion of that award for the last 5 years. Today, Schenk Guitars is an ever-growing company and seeks only to create the best of the best for guitar players who seek not just an instrument that plays well, but an instrument that inspires. Schenk Guitars has accomplished this and has the proven track record to show for it. Check him out at
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