The History Of: Dave Mustaine And Megadeth

author: skynyrdrocks date: 10/19/2004 category: the history of

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Dave Mustaine was born on September 13, 1961, in La Mesa California. He got his first records (Iron Maidon, Motorhead) from selling pot and other drugs. When he first started playing guitar, he would play along with the records on the record player and speed them up so he could go faster. His first band was a speed metal band called, Panic. When he saw an ad in a magazine looking for a lead guitarist, Mustaine responded. That band was Metallica. Mustaine co-wrote many of the songs off Metallica's first two albums (Kill Em All, and Ride The Lightning). Such notables are The Four Horseman, Jump In The Fire, and, The Call Of Ktulu. In 1983, Mustaine was fired or quit Metallica. He and James Heitfield didn't get along all the time. Also, Mustaine was a severe alcoholic and drug addict. Out of his hatred of his former band, Mustaine formed Megadeth. One of the very early Megadeth line-ups featured Kerry King of Slayer. In some of the first Megadeth shows, Mustaine would blame and whine about Metallica. That is a habbit he keeps up until this very day. In 1985, Megadeth made their first album, Killing Is My Business.. And Business Is Good. The production of this album was terrible, but otherwise it was a great album. This was the first album with the bands mascot, Vic Rattlehead. The line-up was:
  • Dave Mustaine-lead guitar, vocals
  • Dave Elferson-bass
  • Chris Poland-lead guitar
  • Gar Samualson-drums In 1986, with the same lineup, Megadeth made Peace Sells, But Who's Buying. This was an instant classic. Vic appeared on this album. In 1988, Chris Poland and Gar Samualson were replaced by Jeff Young, lead guitar, and Chuck Behler, drums. This lineup made So Far, So Good, So What! This was a very good album but not as good as Peace Sells. Vic was also on this album. In 1990, Mustaine replaced Young and Behler with Marty Friedman, lead guitar, and Nick Menza, drums. With this lineup, they made one of the greatest thrash albums of all time, Rust In Peace. Vic was on this album. In 1992, with the same lineup, the band made Countdown To Extinction. This album got Megadeth the most attention they would ever have. It entered the charts at Number 2. This was the first album that Vic was not on. He would not appear until 2001. In 1994, with the same line-up, they made Youthanasia. The album cover was banned in over 6 countries. In 1997, the band made Cryptic Writings. This was the album that ventured very far from their roots. It had some grunge influnce in it. This was the last album with Nick Menza on the drums. In 1999, the band, with new drummer, Jimmy Degrasso, made Risk. This was a very commercial album. It was a made for radio album. It made many fans desert Megadeth. This was the last album with Marty Friedman. He chose to go to Japan and pursue his carreer in pop music. He didn't want to do heavy music anymore. In 2001, with new guitarist Al Pitrilli, the band made, The World Needs A Hero. This album was very heavy unlike Risk. The band also released a DVD in the same year, Rude Awakning. Vic made his comeback this year. Later in the year, Dave Mustaine entered rehab for drug and alcohal abuse. While asleep in a chair, he injured nerves in his hand. Doctors told him that he would never play the guitar again. Mustaine then disbanded Megadeth. After almost 15 years megadeth was gone. In 2004, after much physical theorpy from his wrist, Mustaine returned with a new Megadeth album, The System Has Failed. This was the first album without David Elferson on the bass. The people who recorded this album with Mustaine were Jimmy Sloas on bass, Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, and former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland contributed solos on the record. Many people say this in not Megadeth because none of the origional members are there. Mustaine responded with, "It sounds like Megadeth, it is Megadeth." Vic was on this album. Megadeth will tour for this album in the fall. The line-up will be:
  • Dave Mustaine-vocals, lead guitar
  • Nick Menza will return to drums
  • Glen Drover-lead guitar (ex-King Diomand)
  • James Macenough-bass (ex-Iced-Earth) Mustaine wrote almost all of the songs for the bandand has been the band's leader for the past 20 years. He has made a film appearance in the Metallica movie, Some Kind Of Monster. He had his own signiture line of guitars from both Jackson and currently has a signiture series from ESP guitars. Marty Friedman also had a signiture from Jackson, and is currently working on a signiture serioes from Ibanez. Over the past 20 years, Megadeth has been one of the most successful bands. They were a main band in the thrash metal movement. They have had numerous platinum and gold records. In total, they sold over 15 million albums worldwide. Thay had a Grammy nomination. Megadeth has been through hard times and made it through. Dave Mustaine and Megadeth aren't going anywhere soon.
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