The History Of: Dimebag

author: Thedarkwolf date: 07/19/2005 category: the history of

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Born year 1966, in Dallas, Texas, USA to become the legend he aimed to be, while taking metal into a whole new level... His father worked as a country songwriter, and he was influenced by many blues musician which used to come to his father recording studio, which had later effected his career with Pantera, and Damageplan. Guitars were a huge part of his life, especially Dean's. When he was 16 years old, he had two dean guitars, one which is red (given by his father), and the other had a lightning pic on its body (won at a competition, the funny thing that he got those two guitars on the same day.) In his teenage life (before 16) he won almost all statewide guitar competitions, till he was banned for playing in the competition cuz of that :P. In 1983, Dimebag formed with his brother Vinnie Paul the band Pantera, which at first were a power-groove metal band, released three unrecognizable albums -- Metal Magic, Projects In The Jungle and I Am The Night -- with vocalist Terry Glaze. One day, they went to a pub that vocalist Phil Anselmo used to frequently go to, they met him there, and ditched the old Terry guys for Phil, and recorded after that the power metal album, but never went to that much of a success, that was in 1988. In 1990, Dimebag and Pantera had changed their style, and the Success rush have hit them after their great albums which was called Cowboys From Hell. Their riffs became less melodic, more hard and heavy, they became popular worldwide, after that their music became harder and more heavy metal oriented by releasing the album Vulgar Display Of Power (1992), followed by the #1 album in American charts Far Beyond Driven (1994), and the awsome album The Great Southern Trendkill (1996), which goes after it the last Pantera album Reinventing The Steel (2000). Dimebag made awsome face-melting riffs and super-fast solos, that is one of the main reasons of the band's success, along side with Anselmo's vocals. Phil Anselmo had many side project since 1996, ignoring Pantera, they stopped making albums till 2000, which appears that he had his conflicts with the other members of Pantera. Bands he formed like Down and Superjoint Ritual, made him finally decide to quit the band later in 2003. Dimebag and his brother Vinnie formed two side projects -- a country one (Rebel Meets Rebel) with musician David Allen Col, and after Pantera broke up, they formed the band Damageplan with Patrick Lachman and Bob Zilla. Dimebag quoted saying that "he's back" and their ready to play some mind-blowing songs with Damagplan. Later on, Damageplan made New Found Power, which had #38 on the charts, with great riffs. Unfortunetly, Dime was shot along with 3 others, in a club he was playing in with Damageplan, the shooter was a 25 year old man named Nathan Gale. Dime's Murder was a big tragedy in the metal scene, many fans were devastated, and a lot of Dime's friends (Ozzy, Zakk Wylde, Tony Iommi, Disturbed main vocalist) too. Dime was a great musician, he had his own unique sound. A great man with a big heart, he had no enemies, and claimed as one of the best guitarist in the world. His riffs were simple,yet great,and he made one of the greatest heavy metal solos ever in the songs Cemetary Gates, Floods. May he Rests in peace... Full Name: Dimebag Darrel Abbott Instruments: Guitar, Electric Guitar Main Brands:
  • Guitar: Dean/washburn Guitars
  • Effects: Dunlop 535Q Wah Pedal, Digitech WH-1 Whammy Original
  • For distortion I think he uses Racks
  • Randall Amps Products related with Dimebag:
  • MXR Dimebag Dunlop Distortion (he used this one for Damageplan)
  • DB1 Dunlop Crybaby Wah
  • SH-13 Dimebucker
  • Dean Razorback Guitar
  • DR High Voltage Dimebag's Strings Bands: Pantera, Damageplan, Rebel Meets Rebel Influences:
  • James Hetfield (Metallica)
  • Eddie Van Hallen(EVH)
  • Led Zepplin
  • Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)
  • Alotta others (sorry if i havent mentioned your fav) Recommended Songs:
  • Cowboys From Hell (Pantera)
  • ****ing Hostile (Pantera)
  • Floods (Pantera)
  • By Demons Be Driven (Pantera)
  • 5 Minutes Alone (Pantera)
  • Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks (pantera) Quotes after his tragic murder: Sites:
  • Hope you like it, and Thanks for reading. Peace -THEDARKWOLF
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