The History Of Pantera

author: YouKnowYourRite date: 01/12/2004 category: the history of

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Pantera, believe it or not have not always been the hardcore thrash band most of you know them as, they were once a glam metal movement Dimebag was called "Diamond" (he didn't stop using this name till a while after they turned thrashy) and they had jewelry rather then marijuana but they ditched this image and became the thrash metal group everyone knows them as. I'm not gonna go into this too in-depth, so on with the thrash! Pantera first appeared with a bang in 1990 with their debut album "Cowboys From Hell". They delivered a ball-busting tour over america but where often ignored my the pure-rock loving americans, they slowly built up a huge group of fans and an army of devotees. People who wanted a new form of hard music -- people sick of Status Quo, the Rolling Stones and over such bands. In 1992 the band released their 2nd offering: "Vulgar Display of Power" delivering the first metal single ever to debut at #1 in the mainstream charts - 'Mouth for War'. They did considerabely well for a metal band as metal is generally not considerred part of the mainstream. This album destroyed current trends and paved a way forward for hard rock. Next up came "Far Beyond Driven" which was put out to in 1994 which secured Pantera's position as the #1 metal band on the scene at time. and debuted and #1 in the billboard chart, Pantera were stiring up a storm! 1996 brought the release of "The Great Southern Trendkill" described by Pantera's Philip Anselmo as 'F**king Heavy!'. After this album reached its peak and began to fall in the charts Pantera released their back-breakingly heavy live album "Officail Live 101 Proof" this album ontained "Walk", "Cemetary Gates" and 2 new tracks: "Where You Come From" and "I Can't Hide". Next came the phenominal album "Reinventing the Steel" brought out in 2000 Phil Alsenemo says: 'This album remained true to our target of making every album heavier then the last, steel is a dark deep journey through the blood soaked mind of the heaviest band on the scene'. Then disaster struck as Philip Anselmo reported Pantera were breaking up and then dimebag confirmed it later in this year. Pantera have released a greatest hits compilation featuring some of their best tracks the track list is as follows : 01. Cowboys From Hell 02. Cemetery Gates 03. Walk 04. Mouth For War 05. This Love 06. I'm Broken 07. Becoming 08. 5 Minutes Alone 09. Planet Caravan 10. Drag The Waters 11. Where You Come From 12. Cat Scratch Fever 13. I'll Cast A Shadow 14. Goddamn Electric 15. Revolution Is My Name 16. Hole In The Sky May the legend of one truly great metal band live on...
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