This Is The Story Of A Girl

author: HazardousDreams date: 03/29/2010 category: the history of

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There is this girl called Mara, who lives in the suburbs of Puerto Rico. Mara as a small child did not understand music, not because she didn't it, but because her dad didn't let her listen to what she wanted too. This girl, Mara started talking to the other little girl from across the street, they soon became friends. Ciara, the girl frm across the street, would put the radio extremely loud because Mara's Father would not let her go to Ciara's house. Mara, hiding from her father, started signing and dancing to Britney Spears with Ciara. Mara's dad got her a Guitar and tried to get her interested, but sadly she could care less about the piece of wood in front of her. He also bought Maracas, Panderetas, Harmornicas and a lot of other instruments, but nothingMara just did not care. One year, on Christmas Eve there was a big brown and yellow truck, with the letters UPS on its side, outside Mara's house, it was the mailman with a big box for her dad, she walks away. Later that day her Father called her and told her to open the box, when Mara opens the box, there was a new shiny Casio keyboard inside. That day her love for music was hit, but just slightly. She had hours of fun with the keyboard, since it was the light up learning type. She was still not interested about any other instrument. Mara's Father died some time ago, she was attached to the keyboard because it was a memory of her Father. Her Nephew, Jayjay had moved in with Mara and her Mother, one day he was playing Mara's Keyboard and he broke it, she was really angry with him, since he had broken the last gift her Father had left her. She never played another instrument again. When Maria got to high school she started seeing a lot of students with guitars, cuatros and other instruments. She dreaded the idea of having to take music class, since she never understood it. Soon she started seeing her friends bringing guitars to school and she wondered why they had guitars. She started hearing her friends play guitar, riffs of songs from Metallica, Black Sabbath even Ozzy and she was amazed, the way they caressed the guitar, she then was struck, and decided she wanted to give it a try. Mara then started talking to her Family about guitar and how she was going to be taking music class in school. A little more than a year ago, her Brother gave her an acoustic guitar; her friends started teaching her what they knew. First thing Mara learnt was a piece of the song Caught in a Mosh by Anthrax which at the time took her about three days to learn. After learning a few things from her friends, learning got difficult and stressful for her, she strayed away from guitar for a few weeks. Then she picked up her guitar again, when she was getting into it again, she got kicked out of High school because of age limits. She had no other way to see her friends, so they couldn't teach her anything. So she strayed away again. Her love for guitar was so much that she decided to learn how to properly play on her own. She did not listen to her Father when he wanted to teach her, now she faced the consequences. Mara has practiced and practiced, tried and tried, getting frustrated at trying to comprehend something, having no one to explain. Mara sometimes sits and feels like giving up and crying. Either because she can make a chord or can't go at the desired speed, when she feels like slamming her guitar against the floor from frustration, she sits calmly and starts thinking of when she really didn't know anything; when she could stretch her fingers enough to do a power chord, when her fingers were too weak to hold a chord, when she couldn't know the difference from a tuned and untuned guitar, those days when she looked at tabs and thought it was some sort of Alien Mathematical Equation. That's what keeps her at it, when she gets to the point of frustration. Pray for motivation; keep playing like Mara is doing. Barre chords are still giving her trouble, she can not keep the fret barred for more than thirty seconds, but she is still going for it. DO NOT GIVE UP =)
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