Velvet Revolver Behind The Music

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Velvet Revolver basically started when Guns n Roses had begun, Guns n Roses was a Band which made Slash, Duff & Matt more Professional at Playing, Professional at Performing, Professional at Thinking and Professional at understanding the Facts of Life. Slash came around from all the drugs and so did Duff and so did Matt. When Guns n Roses was over Slash, Duff and Matt still played together at Slash's Snakepit, Jam Sessions etc, so basically they where still friends after Guns n Roses where over, which led them to move on to another Project which soon was Velvet Revolver. All the Band wanted was a rebirth since Guns N Roses had no chance to Reunite, Slash, Duff & Matt wanted to get back on stage like old times, they wanted to get back that feeling they had when they all first started making music - The sense of doing it for the pure joy of making music. A long the whole idea that got them into this had been raped and sodomized (Slash's Snakepit not succeeding and all). They where all in mourning of that and wondering if they could somehow get it back, as it turned out, the only way they could get it all back was to start it all new, and so they did. One day Slash woke up and came up with an idea which soon passed on to Duff, they both needed to get back to stage, so they needed to do something before their Career ends up with no favour. Duff agreed and confessed the Situation that they where both in, Slash and Duff talked for hours before agreed to start up a project. After on they agreed and they needed all they could find to make that Band a success. They made auditions, which led them to nothing; they needed a drummer before anything which took them to call Matt Sorum (Guns n Roses Ex-Drummer), they talked again a long time, and needed to make sure of knowing what they want as a whole. Matt Sorum was in; now all they wanted is a Vocalist and a Guitarist and maybe a Keyboardist. They made auditions once again, and played at Jam Sessions to try Musicians out. After all the hard work they listened to Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) which in fact was like minded. Scott Weiland was interested in the whole procedure; and so talked to Dave Kushner who Scott knew, as when they where kids they used to go to each other's school. Now Matt asked for the Keyboard player, and actually found a keyboard player which played with the Band only for a week; Slash, Duff and Scott wanted to be unique as a band, they didn't want to be next Guns n Roses, all they wanted is to be, what they where when first started playing together. Now the entire band needed a name, to start the damn band. The Band started jamming together and Slash came up with interesting Riffs which one of them led to Fall to Pieces and Slither as a whole, they where jamming a song which sooner came to 2 songs: Fall To Pieces & Slither (The 2 songs where constructed into 1 riff). They invent some lyrics and some riffs, while they can get a whole together. They played Cover songs together too (It's so easy, Wish you where here, and some other songs).

Inventing The Band's Name

Originally, Slash came up with the name 'Revolver' after watching a movie where the word 'Revolution' came on the screen. Then 'Revolver' came to his mind, and he thought it was pretty cool, being the title of a great Beatles record. Slash also thought the word had some significance with the band members all coming from different bands, they all had a 'revolving thing' going. Slash wrote it down on a piece of paper, then Scott added some words, making 'Black Velvet Revolver'. The whole band thought this was a cool name, but that it sounded very 'Stone Temple Pilots'-esque. So they cut off the 'Black' and kept 'Velvet Revolver'. The band played a couple of songs together till they where ready to make their own music, to get together more. They played and worked for months until they made 13 Songs and recorded them to make their debut Album 'Contraband'. The Band toured after the Album was out, and the Album was a sensation, which took Contraband to #4 on the charts, and sometimes more, and sometimes less, but it kept a time in there between #4 and #6. The band had a lot of shows, toured for 18 months and is ready to make their second Album. The Band invented some riffs already but some things are still missing, and they want to get everything together to make their real Concept album. Weiland refused to reveal any details about the concept but said that his bandmates have been writing for months, and they know that this next album will make a big hit, and strengthens their Reputation as Velvet Revolver. This album is going to make a statement said the band, now they know each other as a band, they have a brand name, and they said that the first Album was just The Band to make a good reputation; now it's time for the Real Velvet Revolver to Reveal, and make that real record. Slash sometimes thinks about the Surviving of his Life, this is what he says: "It's interesting that I'm still alive," says Slash, who looks disconcertingly healthy for a 40-year-old with his history of excess. "The drugs killed me a dozen times and for some reason they always resuscitated me. Eventually I thought, 'Somebody's trying to keep me here so I shouldn't take advantage of it so much.'" This apparent realisation of divine purpose did not entirely curtail his indulgences, however. Rather, he says, "That sort of slowed me down. And then I just drank myself almost to death. They told me I only had three months to live, if I was lucky. So I cleaned myself up, got my health back, and now I just drink a glass a night." Having seen the state of his press officer, I express scepticism. "Maybe I have a few shots and a couple of glasses of wine," revises Slash.


Velvet Revolver has a lot more to give, you just wait and see, enjoy Contraband but you will surely have a better time in the future, The Band is still young and has a lot to give, and you should thrust it, and forget about Guns n Roses, hell ye it was a good F****n time, but now they moved on, they all did, so why don't we?? This is my story, no big story about Velvet Revolver but a worth reading story, because you won't find it anywhere on the Internet. Velvet Revolver have a lot more to give thrust me. "I picked up a Guitar at 15, formed my first band at 16, I already had the lifestyle down. Guns N' Roses just kicked it up a notch. It was always the music that made me focus and persevere." - Slash Thanks, Lee
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