Ultimate Guitar contains more than eight hundred thousand guitar, bass, chords, guitar pro, power and ukulele tabs. We're glad that you're planning to contribute your tabs to UG. Please follow these notes before you submit your tab to make it acceptable for us:

Please register or log in before you submit your tab. Why?

  • You’ll be informed if your tab gets accepted or rejected.
  • You'll be informed if someone rates your tab.
  • You'll be informed if someone posts a comment or correction for your tab.
  • You can update your tab using this page.
  • You can edit or check out the status of your tab before we respond using this page.
  • You'll be able to access the tabs pending approval (TPA) page, where users who have at least one tab approved on UG can vote for your tab to be accepted or rejected.

Before you submit your tab, please use the search bar for the song and/or the band name.

As most of UG tabs are ear-transcribed, we have several tabs on some songs.

If we already have tabs for a song, you should check all of them before you submit your tab. Also, check out the ratings and comments for each tab.

Please avoid tabbing songs for those that already have several highly rated/commented tabs. Obviously, your tab won't be acceptable to us for such songs. However, that doesn't mean your tab is not correct, it would just be a waste of time for you. We won't accept your tab if it's the same as one of the existing tabs or even close to them.

To submit your tab, hit submit your tab page (obviously). You can find it on the right from the search form.

A couple golden rules that will keep you out of trouble
  • Do not send us copyrighted material or tabs from official tab books
  • Don't add the type of your tab in the song name.
  • Don't add any explanation to the song or band name (complete, full, correct, demo, riff, etc).
  • Don't add the version number of your tab in song name (UG will automatically add the version number to your tab if it gets accepted).
  • If you've tabbed a live song, just add the word "Live" after the song name with one space - e.g. ‘November Rain Live’. Don't add the location of that live version. You can add details about the live song in your tab.
  • If your tab is for an acoustic version of a song, just add the word "Acoustic" after the song name with one space - e.g. ‘Love Story Acoustic’.

Case #1 - Unsigned band

Please search for the band name if you think it's not a very well known artist. If we have the band in the archive, go to case 3 below. If not, you have to provide us with a link to the official website of the band (or to their band's profile on UG, or even social websites of the band like: Facebook Page, MySpace, Twitter, Soundcloud, Reverbnation etc.) at the very top of your tab.

For Guitar Pro or Power Tab tabs of such songs, you can mention it in the score information or the performance note.

If they don't have a website, your tab belongs to "Misc Unsigned Bands".

Case #2 - Miscelanneous (unsigned bands, movies, games, etc)

You should use this template for naming your tab:

For band name use "Misc Unsigned Bands"
For song name use "Band name - Song name" scheme

Other miscellaneous tabs:

Case #3 - We do have that band in the database

If we have the band in our database:

  • Please type the exact band/song name in the correct field, with no additional word(s) or letter(s).
  • Any typo in the song or band name makes your tab deniable. Except for letters, the only character you're allowed to use is a hyphen (-).
  • Any other characters such as "/ )& ( _ # @ + = * ^ $ ! ? ] . [ { } % ~ : ; , | \ " will be automatically removed from the song or band name by our system, so do not use them.

Select the correct type and part for your tab.


  • Guitar tab (tabs only for the guitar track(s) of a song made using a text file).
  • Chords (chords that have been used in the song, including the lyrics).
  • Bass tab (tabs only for the bass track(s) of a song made using a text file).
  • Guitar Pro (tabs that have been made using Guitar Pro software with a .gp, .gp3, .gp4 or .gp5 extension).
  • Power Tab (tabs that have been made using Power Tab software with a .ptb extension).


  • Whole song (simply if your tab is for an entire song).
  • Intro (an opening section of a piece of music).
  • Solo (a piece or a section of a song that is played by a single performer).
  • Album (if you've tabbed out an album including all contained songs, select this)

  • Be aware! Using the wrong type or part for your tab may render it unusable.

Intro/Solo Tabs

As you may know, intros and solos are not much welcomed here when we have a tab or tabs for a whole song, but if we don't have any tabs for a song in archive, we'll accept your correct intro or solo tabs.

  • Be aware! We do not accept intros and solos for bass and chord tabs.
  • Also chord tabs that contain chords without lyrics are not welcomed (and likely get you "tab rejected" status

Always use our template for guitar and bass tabs.

  • You can make your tab in Notepad or WordPad and then copy and paste it into the tablature section. Always save a copy of your tab for yourself.
  • Use the preview button and make sure your tabs will be well aligned.
  • Do not add any unnecessary comments to your tab.
  • For chords, put the chords over the lyrics and use the preview button to see if the chords are arranged in the right place. Be sure to select "Chords" as the type of your tab. There’s no need for any external HTML codes or any other form of coding. When your chords are accepted, all of the chords you've used will be highlighted and you can then see the chord diagrams on your tab page.For chord name, only use that English name style (C, D, E, F, G, A, B). Do not use southern and eastern european style like (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si) or any other style.
  • For Guitar Pro and Power Tab tabs, do not just import a midi file into these programs and submit them immediately. Fix all of the incomplete bars and note durations and use the true instruments for each track. Add any necessary information in the performance notes.

These are optional.

You may choose not to select them, but mentioning difficulty and tuning makes your tab worthwhile and informative. Please choose the difficulty of your tab fairly:

  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

For more information about those options, click here.

If you have done all of that, you can still edit your tab and check out the status on the Tabs Pending Approval (TPA) page.

If you don't have any tabs approved on UG and want to check out the status of your tab, go to your contribution page and there will be an 'edit' link next to your tab. Click this link and you'll be redirected to your tab on the TPA page. Also, you can retrieve your tab if it is rejected using the same page.

It usually takes a few days for the tab team to approve or deny your tab.

When your tab is accepted or rejected, UG will automatically send you an e-mail to inform you of this. The e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you registered with.

If your tab has been rejected and you think that it shouldn't have been, go to the UG contribution forum and ask about your situation there.

Since there are a large number of tabs submitted every day to UG, we have given out users the ability to decide which tabs should be accepted and which should not.

The Tabs Pending Approval page (TPA) is a place where users with at least one tab approved on Ultimate-Guitar can vote for tabs and video lessons to be rejected or accepted.

How does it work?

This is an example of the current first page of TPA.

You can select what type of tabs you want to check out:

  • Tabs (guitar tabs)
  • Bass (bass tabs)
  • Chords
  • Guitar Pro (Guitar Pro tabs)
  • Power Tab (Power Tab tabs)
  • Video (video lessons)

You can configure the filter for viewing tabs on the TPA page using the configure in page header.

How do you vote on the TPA page?

You can browse the pending tabs by clicking on the song names and a page like this will come up. At the end of the page, there are two options:

  • Approve
  • Reject

Also, there is a comment section for your decision. If you're going to choose to reject the tab, you have to leave a comment explaining your decision and it should have contain at least 25 characters. Please leave a worthwhile comment regarding your decision; this will be more beneficial to us. If you've decided to approve the tab, posting comments is optional. You may post a comment if you wish.

Before making your decision, please note

On the TPA page, in the artist column, you will see that some band names with new artist label. This label mean that we haven't the band in our database. If the band name was not misspelled, inspect the whole tab, look for the official website or the UG profile or the MySpace profile of this new band. If there is an URL in the tab and the tab seems correct, please quote the URL in the comment section before approving it. If there is no URL for the band, don’t vote for it at all. The tab mods/admins will check it out and probably move it to “Misc Unsigned Bands”.

With more popular songs, there is a line in the TPA page showing any existing tab(s) for that song like this. You have to check all of them before you decide to approve or reject the tab. Also, please check the ratings and comments of the existing tab(s). Are there a lot of corrections that have been posted as comments for the current tab? Please avoid approving tabs that are similar to existing tabs or even to current tabs. We won't accept similar tabs as a new tab.

Which tabs shouldn’t be approved?

Since most of the tabs on Ultimate-Guitar are ear-transcribed, we may have several versions of a tab. We check out the accuracy of all versions and we keep the most accurate and complete tabs whilst removing any bad tabs. So please:

  • Don't approve tabs that already have lots of versions.
  • Don't approve tabs that are not formatted correctly using our templates.
  • Don't approve chords that do not include lyrics, with the chords above them. Similarly, do not approve chords that don't have lyrics and have not been set apart for intro, chorus etc.
  • Don't approve Guitar Pro or Power Tab tabs that have incomplete bars, muted tracks or bugs.
  • Don't approve tabs that have misspelled song or band names.
  • Don't approve tabs with any additional words or letters in the song or band name - e.g. "Hells Bells bass tab", "Sweet Child Of Mine corrected version" etc).
  • Don't approve tabs that are copyrighted and have been taken from official tab books.
  • Don't approve tabs for songs that do not exist.
  • Don't approve tabs for an intro/solo/chorus/verse etc of a song that we already have in completion.
  • Don't approve incomplete or very short tabs.
  • Don't approve tabs that contain any form of advertising.
  • Don't approve spam as a tab.

How is a tab added to the UG archive?

This is how we respond to all the tabs: Tab Approval Queue -> Approved

Who are the tab moderators?

We choose our tab moderators from our active users in the tab related areas. When we find a user who is trustworthy and knowledgeable regarding tabs, we consider them as potential tab moderators. Obviously, they should have more highly rated tabs on UG than regular users.

Tab moderators are able to remove tabs from the TPA page or approve them. One vote from a tab moderator on the TPA page is equal to three regular user's votes. Also, tab moderators are able to warn and/or ban tab and TPA page spammers from the site. Be aware that a banned user may not submit any tabs or browse the TPA page.