These rules will result in warnings or bans if broken:

Be kind; no porn
- Posts or messages that contain offensive content, including but not limited to: personal attacks, harassment, racism, sexism, hateful speech, vulgar or pornographic images, or content intended or likely to cause harm are not allowed.
Punishment: User will be warned or banned depending on severity of action.

No advertising; no promotion
- Advertising of any product, service, contest or brand is not acceptable. Your connection to, or ability to profit from, the company or person being advertised is irrelevant.
- Astroturfing/failure to disclose: Any user who misrepresents their identity or fails to disclose their affiliation with a product or company in order to promote or advertise will be banned permanently.
-Plausibility of denial: Since we cannot positively verify identities in most cases, any content indistinguishable from advertising or promotion will be treated as such. New users must be especially careful since we have no post history to refer to when deciding if an account was made solely for promotion.
- Some subforums allow promotion or advertising of your own work to a certain extent! Check the subforum rules first.
Punishment: Thread will be closed/deleted. User will be banned.

One account per user
- Each person is only allowed to have one account on UG.
- If you have unknowingly made multiple accounts in the past, PM a moderator ASAP and they will most likely ban the additional account and allow you to continue using your original account. If we find it ourselves, you will be punished, no excuses.
- If you are aware that someone else living in the same house or using the same computer has a UG account or is planning on making one, PM a moderator with their account name and if we believe you are telling the truth, you will not be punished and you will both be allowed to use your own accounts. If we find their account ourselves, we will assume it is a multiple account and you will be banned.
Punishment: New account receives a permanent ban. Original account receives a ban.

No illegal activities, malicious links or other damaging actions
- Do not use UG to post or send messages that break the law.
- Do not send computer harming links or give others instructions that would damage their computers
- No copyright infringement, do not share any copyrighted material or provide instructions for others to do so
- See Terms of Service for a more complete list of disallowed communications
Punishment: Threads/posts will be deleted. User will be banned.

Moderator discretion
- Moderators and administrators will do their best to communicate and enforce rules.
- Moderators have the final say in interpretation and enactment of site rules.

Here are some suggestions for successful posting on UG.

Each subforum is its own community, so some places you post might be more or less strict about things like being on-topic. Check out the subforum rules or read some of the discussions going on there to get an idea of what's good before
you post! Moderators can warn and ban users at will if the guidelines have been notably infringed.

Be excellent to each other
- Above all, please remember, there are real human beings with real feelings behind most of the posts on UG so please try to stay friendly and amicable with each other. Just because this is an online forum, doesn't mean that you can treat anyone less decently than you would in face to face interactions.

Constructive, on-topic, and meaningful
- Posts and threads should be constructive - this means conveying your message without personal attacks, harassment, racism/sexism/hateful speech, vulgar or pornographic images, or any other content that detracts from or subverts a friendly discussion, or contributes nothing of value to it.
- On-topic: sub threads and posts should follow the topic of the forum and thread they are in.
- Meaningful: all threads and posts should have an obviously communicated message. Spam, "shitpost," double-posting, pointless "bumping" or unintelligible posts are not acceptable.

Good-faith communication
- Discussions and posts should be honest and sincere, and should assume that replies are likewise made in good faith.
- Retaliation or responding to flaming or insults are not an acceptable excuse for failing to follow rules; report bad threads/posts and move on.
- Harassment, threats, incitement or hateful/exclusionary speech are not permitted under any circumstances for any reason.

Avoid contributing to spam
- Please do not post in obvious spam and advertising spam ( “adbot” ) threads, unless it is to mention that you have reported the thread.

Report bad threads and posts!
Moderators do check the forums regularly for bad posts but sometimes cannot read everything or may not see the biggest priority issues first. Reporting posts sends a notification to the moderators of the subforum that they can easily look into.

Don't imitate other users
Stealing avatars or otherwise imitating other users is frowned upon. If they see this happening, mods will usually change avatar/sig/etc to something embarrassing and if it was vindictive there may also be warnings/bans.

UG isn't a medical website
- Don't ask for medical advice here. Speak to a doctor or other healthcare professional.

English is the primary language on this forum
Please avoid using other languages. If you must post in another language, please provide translations so other users can understand your post.