Welcome to UG Tab talk.

The purpose of this forum is to help you to find the more "difficult to locate" tabs and to provide an area of discussion for creating and submitting tablature.
Here are a few rules to help us keep our forum neater and easier to use.
  • No spamming
    This is an informative forum only. Any spamming is frowned upon.
  • No Flaming
  • No Advertising
    Advertising of any kind will be deleted immediately. This includes advertising of other tab sites.
  • No Suggestion threads
    We have specific threads for any level you are in or you're looking for. Also this includes threads like "Impressing girls" , "Fun songs" , "Songs to jam" , "Finger picking song" and so.
    If you make suggestion thread, I will have to assume you're spamming.
  • No bumping your own thread
    If there was already a thread asking for a tab that you were looking for feel free to bump it.

*** How to start a thread in tab talk ***

*Check the UG tabs using search bar before requesting a song. Many times the song is already on the site.
* Please title tab requests as followed:
REQ: Song Title, Artist


* Please use CODE tags to post a tablature in your post.
* If you find a tab on another site that is not found here, please submit it to our tabs section.
Following this rule will help to keep the forum organized.