Hi everyone!

In order to make the great transactions in this forum,it's recommended to use the following templates for making your thread.


WTB:want to buy
WTT:want to trade
WTTS:want to trade/sell
FS:for sale
FT:for trade

The item - Asking price - Location

    Actually the point is what are you gonna do and where are you located.So if you're gonna title your thread someway different,don't forget to mention your location in title.

      And don't forget!

      Pic and price is required in your thread!


      Please notice that additional icons for threads have been added for the comfort of the gear ads forum.

      You can now pick between US, UK and IN (International) icons for your threads when you post it, signifying where are you willing to sell your gear and where your ad is applicable.


      The Gear Ads Mod Team