New Members FAQ

Hello and welcome to the UG Forums!

The following is a list of frequently asked questions, their answers, and some other relevant information. It has been compiled (and recently updated!) to help all users to understand how the forum works and prevent the same questions from being asked 50 times a day. Please also read The Rules, and Pit Rules for further information.

Let's start with the purpose of this forum:

The New Members Q&A Forum is for questions about the website and forums, primarily intended for new users. All questions about guitar should be directed to the appropriate forum, such as Guitar Techniques for help with learning how to play the guitar, or Electric Guitar for discussing different models of electric guitar, such as which one to buy.

Threads which are posted in the wrong forum will be moved or closed.

If you are confused about any part of this FAQ, please ask myself or one of the other moderators for help.




Who are the moderators and what do they do?
- The current list of moderators, administrators and column cleaners can be found here.
- The mods, admins and CCs, as they are generally referred to, are responsible for keeping the forums and columns (comments in news articles, etc.) clean and organised. They are responsible for enforcing the rules, closing/deleting threads, giving out warnings/bans, and many other things. There are also tab moderators who rate and help upkeep the entire tablature collection that we have here.

How do you become a moderator/CC?
- New mods are added to the team only when they are required. The current mods and admins nominate people who they believe would do a good job as a moderator. We suggest people who we think are responsible, active in the forum in question, and who may have knowledge related to the forum in question (ie. Someone who knows a lot about amps might be nominated in the Guitar Gear & Accessories Forum).
- The mods then discuss the given options and when a decision is made, the prospective mod is asked if they’d like to join the team. If they say yes, they become a mod/CC.
*Note* Asking to be modded/CC’d will not help you to be chosen, and probably make it less likely to happen.

What do the different coloured names mean?
- Administrators have moderating powers in every forum which means they can delete/close/move threads and posts, edit posts, warn/ban users, etc. They can also change usernames (special circumstances only), delete user accounts, add and remove mods, add and delete forums, etc.
- Supermods also have moderating powers in every forum. They can also edit some user options such as avatars and signatures if needed.
- Moderators have moderating powers only in their designated forum(s).
- Column Cleaners can delete any spam or offensive comments in the columns section of the site (lessons/articles, etc.). Their warning and banning privileges extend only to users who abuse the columns, not the forums.
- Tab Moderators are the approval and monitoring authorities when it comes to submitting tabs and all of the upkeep associated with the many tabs that we have here at Ultimate-Guitar. They help to make sure that we don't have a lot of inaccurate tabs!




What is a signature/avatar/user title? How do I change mine?
- Your signature is a piece of text that will be added to the end of every post you make. It must be no more than 250 characters in length (including any code) and cannot contain embedded images.
- Your avatar is the small picture that appears beside every post you make. It must be 100x100 pixels in size. If you need a picture resized, please visit the Avatar Exchange.
- Your user title is the small piece of writing that appears directly below your username, next to each post you make.

- All of these options can be changed in your Forum Profile which can be found near the top of your screen:

How do I 'sig' someone/put a quote in my signature?
- First you need to obtain the quote you'd like to put in your sig. Do this by clicking the 'Quote' button underneath the post containing the quote. Select all of the text that is given to you, including the [quote] tags, right click, and select copy (or alternatively you may copy by pressing Ctrl-C).
- Now go to your Forum Profile, click 'Signature' on the left, paste the text into the box provided, and click 'Update'.

Can I change my username?
- No.




How do I put a picture in my post?
- If the picture is saved on your computer, you can attach it to your post on the Advanced Reply page. Scroll down to where you see 'Add attachment' and click the 'Choose File' button:

- If the picture has been uploaded to the web or you found it on a website, you will need the URL of the image which should end in an extension such as .jpg or .gif. Copy and paste this address into your post, and surround it with IMG tags, so it looks like this:

What should I do if I don't know which forum my thread belongs in?
- Before making the thread, you should ask right here in the New Members Q&A Forum, or send a private message to a moderator (like me!).

What should I do if I see someone spamming/advertising on the forums?
- When you see a thread which is obviously spam or advertising (i.e is completely pointless or contains links to websites which are trying to sell something/contain pornography, etc.) do not post in it for any reason unless you are reporting it, and include *reported* in your post so other users are aware that the thread has been reported. Bumping these kinds of threads is not appreciated and you'll receive a warning for it, even if you're telling the threadstarter not to spam.
- If the thread has already been reported by someone, just ignore it. It's not ok to spam the thread up even more, and each thread does not need to be reported more than once. Once again, warnings will be given out to anyone who contributes to a spam thread.

What is 'UG IQ'?
- UG IQ is basically a points system, which reflects 'how knowledgeable you are and how much the Ultimate-Guitar community trusts you and your work.' More information can be found on the UG blog post here.

How does the warning/ban system work?
-This is explained in The Pit's rules announcement.





I have lots of questions to ask, which forum should I post in? Can I just post threads anywhere?
- UG is made up of many different forums for a reason and each one has a specific purpose. It is important that the forums are kept organised so everyone can find the information they need quickly and easily. Please post your threads in the correct forums wherever possible so you have the best chance of getting a helpful response.
- If you are unsure where your thread belongs, please ask a moderator (for example, if you have a question about bass amps and you aren't sure whether it should go in Bass Guitar or Guitar Gear & Accessories, send a PM to one of the mods in BG or GG&A, and please be patient when waiting for a response as we're quite busy ) or ask right here in the New Member's forum.

A quick overview of which topics/questions belong in which forum:

New Members' Sandbox - A place to introduce yourself (in the stickied thread), or ask questions about use of the forums. This includes questions about posting on the forums (how to post pictures, hotlinks, etc.) and how to edit your profiles (including signatures, avatars and UG profiles). The FAQ thread and Rules thread are essential reading.

The Pit - For all general discussion on topics that are NOT covered by another forum. This does not mean that The Pit is a spam forum - all of the Rules still apply in this forum.

Archives of the Best Threads - Where we move the most informative or best threads that we believe are worth keeping. This is a closed forum, no one can post in the Archives.

Bands & Artists - This is where you discuss music by famous musicians and local bands. It is divided into several different subforums so make sure you post your threads in the correct genre. The 'Other' forum is for artists who do not fit into any of the other subforums (classical, rap, dance music, etc.).

Songwriting and Lyrics - The S&L rules are very different from other UG forums, so please read the rules in the announcement at the top of S&L before posting.
The main forum is the place to post ORIGINAL writing (poetry, prose or song lyrics) for critique. Do not ask questions about how to write lyrics in S&L, go to S&;L Techniques for that.

- S&L Contests - A subforum of S&L where you can participate in any ongoing Lyric Competitions.
You MUST have approval from a Mod before starting a contest thread. Ideas for lyrics contests may be posted in the thread provided.

- S&L Techniques - A subforum of S&L for the discussion of lyric writing techniques and composing songs, (eg. the combination of lyrics and guitar). Do not ask questions solely theory/guitar based - they belong in Musician Talk.

Riffs and Recordings - Where you can post tabs or MP3s of your own songs.

- Tabs and Chords - A subforum of Riffs & Recordings. Post your original tablature here for others to critique.

- Original Recordings - A subforum of Riffs & Recordings. Post your recordings or links to your recordings here for others to listen to and give input on.

- Covers - A subforum of Riffs & Recordings. Post your recordings of previously recorded songs here for others to give input on.

Tab Talk - Post any requests for guitar or bass tablature in here. Always check the UG Tab Archive before you request a song.

Musician Talk - For discussion of bandleading, music theory, music setup, etc.

- Bandleading - A subforum of Musician Talk. For asking questions directly related to having/starting/joining a band. This includes getting gigs, what to play, how to fire a crappy band member and whatever other trials and tribulations go along with being involved with a band.

Promote Your Band - Where you should post advertisements for your own band, links to your website/myspace, and get some feedback on your music.

Classifieds - Where you should post if you’re looking to buy or sell equipment and/or look for musicians in your area. The actual Classifieds forum contains no threads or posts; instead, everything can be found in its two subforums, Musician Ads and Gear Ads.

- Musician Ads - Need a band member? Wanna join a band? You’ve come to the right place.

- Gear Ads - Gear for sale? Looking to purchase anything relating to guitars? You’ve come to the right place.

Guitar Techniques - Lessons and help for new guitar players, as well as discussion of more advanced techniques. If you have any questions about learning guitar, this is the place to ask them.

Acoustic and Classical Guitar - A forum for questions and discussion specific to acoustic and classical guitar.

Electric Guitar - A forum for questions and discussion specific to electric guitar.

Bass Guitar - A forum for questions and discussion specific to bass guitar.

Guitar Gear and Accessories - Discussion of all guitar-related equipment such as amps, pedals and plectrums.

Gear Building and Customizing - This forum is for questions about building your own pedals, accessories and customisation of your gear.

Drums - A place to discuss percussion instruments. Buh dum tss.

Ultimate-Guitar Feedback - A place for your complaints, suggestions, bug and bad advertising reports. Please use the appropriate sub-forum.

- Site Suggestions - Post your suggestions for the website/forums here.

- Mobile Apps Feedback - Your suggestions on how to make our mobile apps better. Here you can also report bugs and ask any question concerning mobile apps.

- Tab Pro Service Feedback - Post your comments and suggestions, report bugs and problems, apply for additional information, concerning Tab Pro Service.

- Bug Reports - Please report all the bugs concerning the site's work, account issues and other major problems with

UG Authors Community - This is accessible only to contributors (those who have submitted tabs, for instance) and moderators. Used to discuss contributions, the contribution system, etc.

Forum of the Banned - This forum can only be seen when you are banned. You should only post in this forum if you disagree with your ban and need to discuss it with the moderators.